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General Discussion / Happy 4th!
Happy 4th of July ya’ll!

Remember. We are celebrating a population who refused to give up their guns, refused to pay an excessive tax burden, and insisted on a government for and by the people. They were willing to die to obtain those ideals so that we can continue to try to protect them today.
General Discussion / LE Wilson 👍
Placed an order with LE Wilson this morning at 8:00 my time. Product shipped at 10:01 my time!  That’s the kind of customer service to applaud. 😊. Oh, the quality of their products are also top notch. Thank you LE Wilson!
Competition / Deep Creek

To Dave for his performance this weekend. He is an up and coming shooter to be reckoned with. 😊
It’s pretty phenomenal for a newbie in benchrest to be holding his own while competing with some of the very best shooters in the nation. The Deep Creek boys are tough competition including some recent national title holders.

Competition / Global Benchrest Association
Looks like there is a new Benchrest association forming to try to further this formate in the shooting world and specifically to encourage youth interest in this sport. HufD63 brought this info to m attention this morning so I’ve been doing a little research on the group.

To clarify - what follows is a general info overview coupled with strictly my own interpretation

For the last decade, sanctioned benchrest matches in the US have largely been under the guidelines of either the NBRSA or the IBS organizations. Rules and regulations established by each group are published and extensive. Unfortunately, match rules and regs are not uniform between these two groups and that has lead to some rivalries and heated emotions among members of each group. This murky water in the national organization of BR shooting in the US, has been further complicated by some of the older legendary American shooting clubs like Williamsport feeling that their historical policies should out way more recently established organization’s guidelines.
And now, along comes a third group (GBA) trying to pull all Benchrest shooters under one umbrella -providing an equal playing field for all competitive shooters of this format. Unfortunately, there are some big egos involved and it is probably going to be a difficult task. Hopefully the more level heads who participate to compete, without overly burdensome rules, will prevail in what appears to me to be a power struggle for the “top dog” organizational position. Not always, but sometimes a revolution is a good thing. 😊

Forum Blog / New Equipment Category
A little rearranging this morning. Txcas has created a new Software/Electronics category for us under the Equipment heading. Discussions on QuickLOAD, ballistic apps, target cameras, etc. can now be more easily found and no longer need to be mixed with other topics in General Discussion. Thanx Txcas!
Bolt Action Rifles / Best Tactical Trigger?
My current vote goes to either the Bix’n Andy Tacsport, or the Trigger Tech Diamond. Which would you chose and why? Or, do you have a different vote?
Reloading / Bench Top Primer Seater
This may sound like a P&M statement, but I'm really tired of hand priming my cases and frustrated with the inconvenience of the alternatives I've found so far.  Initialy I started with a Lee and then a Hornady tray hand primer. switched to the CoAx press incorporated primer system, then to a Sinclair hand held, and now back to the CoAx press.  I like the CoAx press because I can get very consistent seating depths with the unit, but it is a PIA to individually load primers into.

I want sensitivity during seating, consistent and adjustable seating, and not hand cramps after a batch of 300 cases. Oh, I also don't want the process to take forever, and I don't want to pay $600 for a Primal Rights competition seater.  Ha! Ha1

So if the Competition Seater is out due to cost, what other alternatives do you recommend?
Bolt Action Rifles / The Hawk Hill
Got a chance to work up a new Hawk Hill barrel over the last few days - first one for me.  Most of you know I'm a somewhat fanatical Bartlein fan, so this endeavor came with some trepidation.  It's the typical 4R HH, 26", topped witth a Jet Blaster brake, and chambered by PVA.  Josh did a great job with the chamber and Jeremy held my impatient hand while I was waiting.  If you haven't worked with PVA yet, I would encourage you to do so - good people.

I guess this whole project came with trepidation since I also haven't been able to do load development with my favorite Bergers.  After surveying the field, I settled on the 140 ELDM and said "what the hell, all I've ever used is H4350, but lets try some R16".  Played with some predictions from QuikLoad, ran single velocities for 39-41.3 grains and found plateaus in the low 2700's and low to mid 2800's.  Followed with an OCW between 40.6 and 41.6 gr of R16 - mid node came in at 41.2.  Seating depth correction from the original 20K to 30K is giving consistent 0.250 -0.350 MOA at 100 yards (2830 MV).  This morning I put 35 of these rounds down my range from 325 yards out to 1250 yards - finished the session with four out of five hits on a 9 inch piece of steel at a 1012 yards.  Considering the driver, that's more than acceptable off a bipod.  For my environment, this R16/140 ELDM load is pretty amazing.  DA this morning was roughly 8500 (80 degrees, 6000 ' altitude).  Because of the ELDM BC and the high DA, this 2830 MV doesn't deteriorate to 1200 fps until 1880 yards - eat your heart out Danny. ( :)) )

In addition to being one of the easiest barrels I've ever had for load development, there are some other observations I thought I might share.  For me, one great feature was the barrel held its node from 100 all the way out to 1000 - no tweeking necessary.  On occasion, Ive found groups at a 100 that aren't representative of what's going on at 600 or 1000 - especially with a commercial barrel.  Next point;  all of my Bartleins have been 5R, obviously hand lapped, and easy to clean.  The 4 grove HH is at least as easy to clean - maybe a little easier.  As I did load development, cleaning, and then re-fowling before acquiring groups, I did find that it took at least ten shooters before I felt the barrel had resettled.  That may be associated with the barrel brake in process and may get better - time will tell. Some one with more experience using R16 and 140 ELDMs would be a better judge than I, but it seems to me this barrel is fast. Maybe its just the properties of the R16, but I suspect the rifling plays a significant roll.

Summary: great gunsmith, good stable powder, damn good bullet ( jeez that's hard to say - I'm teasing you Rob ;) ),

EXCELLENT barrel - I'm a fan.
Reloading / Seating ring on 147 ELD
I think I read the fix for this on the forum last year but I can't find the thread now.

I'm using a Redding micrometer seating die with their 6.5 mm VLD stem.  The unit is clean and functioning well with Bergers.  With 147 ELDM's it leaves a small indention ring during seating with only moderate neck tension. Evidently this is enough of an issue that Hornady is now making a specific ELD seating stem for their dies.  I'm kinda partial to my Redding system. 

Anyone else in my boat?  What's the best way to eliminate the problem, without screwing up bullet alignment, during seating the ELDM's?
Reloading / Alpha Munitions Brass
A week ago I received 200 pieces of Alpha 6.5 large primer brass. Decided to do an analysis today and got my socks knocked off. If I had not done the measurements myself and someone else reported these numbers, I would hesitate to believe the results. 😊

Weights were taken on a Sartorius Entris 64 analytical scale (accuracy +/- 0.002 grs) and lengths were determined using a Mitutoyo ball micrometer and calipers.

I selected 20 random pieces of brass from a 100 count box just as they were delivered (ie. no prep on my part).

Neck diameter across two perpendicular sites:
     0.289 “ +/- 0.001

Neck Thickness across 4 quadrants of each neck:
     0.0139” +/- 0.0006
     (note: this is the average of 80
      individual neck measurements)         

Case Length:
     1.911” +/- 0.0005

Head Space (Hornady D comparator):
     1.530” +/- 0.0005

Dry Weight:
     448.060 grs +/- 0.248 
*note: dry weight reported represents dry weight of case while connected to a Century 21 pocket plug. To get true dry weigh subtract 279.4 gr.  (Edited 7/18/18).

Case Capacity:
     49.962 grs H2O +/-  0.268

WOW! The case capacity tolerance just blows me away.
These little jewels cost about a buck a piece but I won’t be culling a single one of them because of too much variation. They come individually packed in a case that can subsequently be used for reloaded rounds.
I could not be more pleased with these results. You done good Mr Bob @ Alpha. 👍