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General Discussion / Re: Labradar velocity at each distance thoughts
I would agree loss of aim.  The first time I used the Lab I had on brake and placed it slightly in front of the muzzle on a mini tripod but on the same bench I was shooting off.  It of course moved a tad and eventually lost aim.  I now place the device on a standard tripod off the bench. 
General Discussion / Re: Labradar app gorked
I happen to use an IPhone with no issues and an outdated IPad.  I'm not a fan of their software, particularly for a device this pricey.  I do as others I believe and take the SD card data and put it on an Excel spreadsheet.  Excel even has a built in formula for standard deviation.

What I find mind boggling is that Labradar  either can't or won't solve the connectivity issue with Android devices, which represent more that half the mobile devices in the world.  Maybe the rumors of a competing device (Caldwell?) will have them pick up their game.

Reloading / Re: Grip & Pull?
Randy this is the best puller I have found. Fast, little effort, and doesn’t damage the bullet when adjusted correctly. You have to buy the appropriate collets separately. Somewhat expensive but will last forever and bring you piece of mind when doing a frustrating job.

Good choice however be aware it has a learning curve (the Hornady video is good) in addition needing a collet for each caliber. 

The kinetic is still more fun in my opinion
General Discussion / Re: Survival firearm
Ruger PC Carbine in 9mm fitted with the Glock magazine option.  I would then sneak, 'cause you said only one gun, a Glock pistol using the same ammo and mags into my backpack.  My Ruger was surprisingly accurate out to 100 yards when I was at the range.
General Discussion / Re: conundrum
Been bugging me for a while also.  This morning the internet research included "repriming" primers.  Looks possible (corrosive chemicals though).  I emptied my trash in the reloading room and recovered about 150 assorted primers, cups & anvils.  Then i made a punch to flatten the primer dent & gently expand the cup (.002 or .003). 
Has anybody else ever got this desperate?

When you get this figured out how about I send you my popped primers and you reprime and send me back half of them. 😀
Reloading / Large v Small Rifle Primer
I'm in the same boat as everyone with small rifle primers.  That being said I do have CCI LRP and will probably need to switch from my Starline to Hornady brass in the near future.  This relates of course to 6.5 CM.

Anything I need to be aware of?
Reloading / Re: shell holders
I believe the Hornady shell holder is #1 and the Lee is #2 for 6.5 Creedmoor.  They are different heights however. 

General Discussion / Re: the great reset
I can only agree with the responses to the original post.  I have many opinions however only those related, even loosely, to this oasis of a forum should be discussed here.  I sensed that the first time I visited.  Hence I'm still here.

However we all have bad days.  These times compound that regardless of one's station in life.  I for one would maybe maybe allow for a little slack and take the post with a grain of salt.

Regardless, thanks to all of you who make this the  forum that it is.
Reloading / Re: random thought
I appreciate I'm on the at the bottom of pile here as far as knowledge goes so bear with me.

If I consistently load using the same neck expander, seating die and so on, maybe even anneal every time, would not my neck tension be consistent, a value that I tuned my loads to?

My point being even if another hand loader did the same as I, with different equipment or habits, their neck tension would probably be a constant, albeit different.

I know I'm missing something here.
Reloading / Re: Vent for reloading
I used to clean in the house enduring the "that stinks" comments.  I do it outside now or in my reloading shed.  Of course that's easy to say down south, could be a challenge for our northern friends.  Does Hoppes freeze? :)