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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Bag Rider for the RPR
Alright guys, just trying to get my poop in a pile here. I have added some new models to my RPR Bag Rider line up that I will attach below. I had a few suggestions from customers, so I came up with a few designs. The longer models stick off the front of the picatinny rail, which some of you may prefer or you may prefer the shorter versions. The shorter versions have definitely been the most common and they fit perfectly flush to the front of the picatinny rail. For anybody wondering how these lock into place, please watch the YouTube videos I attached in the first post, since they explain it really well. I have not printed off all of these designs, but they all attach in the same way, they just have slightly different shapes. They all fit the RPR stocks (EXECPT FOR THE RIMFIRE VERSION!!!).

The short versions are $25 shipped.
The long versions take a LOT longer to print and take more material. They are $30 shipped.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Bag Rider for the RPR
Sorry about that guys, all of my notifications from this forum were going straight to my spam folder and I didn't realize it till just now. To answer the questions, yes, I do sell these for anyone that is interested. I have had quite a few people test them out and they seem to really like them. Shoot me a message if you would like one since I don't have a website, or send me an email directly at [email protected]. I have just been doing $25 shipped, because I don't like charging people an arm and a leg. I'm a cheapskate, but I still want to upgrade my stuff, so I design my own things. My brother calls it "Cheapskate Precision." Anyways, let me know if your interested
Bolt Action Rifles / Bag Rider for the RPR
I have looked around before at bag riders offered by multiple different sellers in the past, but I have never found anything that I liked. So awhile back I decided to make my own that I think turned out pretty good. It is a slip-fit design that locks into place without any tools. Also it matches the length of the bottom of the RPR stock pretty well, which I really like. I have an angled version as well as a flat version. The angled one is much more useful and looks a lot better in my opinion. I just barely found this forum today, otherwise I would have posted this project earlier.

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