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General Discussion / Re: boyds stock with pillars?
Thanks for the explanation.   I googled it after posting.  Should have done it before!   I didn't notice anything in the "holes" when I had the stock off to do the MCarbo spring job. I assume it is not.  I still like the stock.  Guess if i have a problem I will get someone to bed it and watch.
General Discussion / Re: boyds stock with pillars?
I put a Boyds stock (predator I beleive) on a T.C. Compass in .204.  The only stock gun with 1-10 twist for the heavier bullets.  
Forgive my ignorance on bedding and such.
On the T.C. there is a groove behind and perpendicular to the barrel that a metal piece on the stock fits into.  This metal piece on the stock is right in front of the front action screw.   The barrel does not touch the stock.  Can run a piece of paper easily between the stock and barrel back to that point.  Don't know if this "bedded"?
I love the stock.  No problems what so the .204.  The gun shoots very very well.   Groups usually under .5 "  5 shot groups at 100 yds with  .24" being the best group.  And I am definately the weak link! 
Hope this helps.
General Discussion / Re: NRA / 2A
There are things to be frustrated with the NRA.  Its my personal opinion that they go overboard on some issues....but they have to have the mind set that give an inch and you will lose a mile.
I just try to remember all of the battles they have fought and won for our 2A rights.  They are the largest of the gun rights organizations. They have great political influence.  Money is how the system works.  As wrong as that is, it is not going to change.  They keep their voice loud and in the middle of everything gun related.  This voice is important when you consider most every television station and newspaper are anti guns.  The social media is, and has always, censuring our voice.  We need the NRA.  I would urge all to continue to support the organization and your 2A rights both financially and through your voice locally.  Join other organizations and support them as well, but don't give up on the NRA.   We are in the worst possible times.  The country is changing as the urban and suburban population has surpassed the rural population in many states.  We must all stand in support of each other.
Sorry for the rant!
General Discussion / Re: Which Bore Scope
Thanks for the replies.  I ordered the Teslong with the 36" flexible rod.  $48 with tax.  Be here Tuesday.  I went through and cleaned everything in the safe last week.  Looking forward to seeing if they are actually clean.
General Discussion / Which Bore Scope
The post on solvents was beat to I was a little afraid I wouldn't get any response if I ask my question on bore scopes at the end of that thread.  Which one of the cheap bore scopes to purchase?  I didn't realize you can now get something cheap that will work 
I saw that Huffd63 commented that he liked his Teslong bore scope.   Looked Teslong up on Amazon and saw a couple of options that were said to be the old and new model
1) Older model with 36 inch rod for around $45
2) New model with 26 inch rod for around $80
Is there a better option?   Thoughts and opinions from those who have them....whether you use them to inspect after cleaning or not   :))
Thanks. And I hope this hasnt been beat to death in the last few months.
Reloading / Re: Neat research on Flash hole diameter
The 2 mm and the 1.5 mm are approximately the standard  size.  The flash hole supposedly being in the exact center of the primer pocket is also standard.
I guess the research begs the question:  Should the standard flash hole be larger?
The results also seem to confirm the use of the larger standard flash hole by  Alpha on the 6 Br.
It may be that some BIg Boy brass producer will verify the research and take a leap and make brass with larger than standard flash hole?
Maybe they have reviewed and didn't see enough of an increase in precision to justify the cost of changing?  or there were other problems with the brass or primer caused by the larger flash hole?

Sorry for bringing up a topic already discussed on the other site.  Hadn't seen it there. 
Reloading / Neat research on Flash hole diameter
The post on primer pocket diameter reminded me of a Master's Thesis research from 2015 on flash hole diameter and flash hole location by a student at the University of Missouri at Rolla. The school goes by something related to mining engineering now.  Anyway the school is one the the best engineering schools in the U.S.
You can find the Mater Thesis by searching for its title.  "The effect of physical flash hole deviation on factory grade rifle ammunition"
The research looked at 1) flash hole size  and 2) the location of the flash hole from center to toward the outside and not centered. (and if the non-centered hole shjould be up,down or to the side).  The research looked at the effects of 1 and 2 on velocity, pressure and precision in both at .223 and .308 rifle.
The flash hole size was interesting.  He looked at 2mm, 2,2mm, 2.4mm. 2.8mm , 3mm and 3.2mm or something like that.  The 2mm is a standard flash hole.  The results in nutshell are that velocity was minimally effected.  Pressure increased up to 4% and PRECISION INCREASED by up to 20% when using the 3mm flash hole compared to the standard 2mm flash hole.  That is huge.
The part about the Alpha 6BR brass using the standard flash hole over the smaller flash hole due to more consistent would seem to be proven by this research.
Take a minute to look up the research.  A lot of data, but I believe page 115 is the conclusion,  can look at the actual data in the 130 pages that follow!
Reloading / Re: Bullet seating lube result
 I probably am overlooking it, but I cannot find which neolube everyone is referencing.  Is it neolube #1 or neolube  #2 ??

I have also really enjoyed reading all of the posts on bikemutt's load development.  I am going through the exact same thing with the same bullet/powder /charge and had solicited advice in a different post a few days ago.  Great info guys, thanks for helping me and I am sure others with this thread.  Wish I could shoot any where near as well as bikemutt does!!
Reloading / Re: Bullet seating lube result
 I probably am overlooking it, but I cannot find which neolube everyone is referencing.  Is it neolube #1 or neolube  #2 ??

I have also really enjoyed reading all of the posts on bikemutt's load development.  I am going through the exact same thing with the same bullet/powder /charge and had solicited advice in a different post a few days ago.  Great info guys, thanks for helping me and I am sure others with this thread.  Wish I could shoot any where near as well as bikemutt does!!
Reloading / Re: Help with ladder data next steps
Thanks for the help.  Glad to hear that Gmans gun was at the same load.  I will check the loads i have at 41.3 gr with the different distances off the lands... then load for that and enjoy shooting it.
I agree the pressure from my shooting hand my be causing the drift.   In pistol shooting this causes poi to move left when I dont think to correct it.  WIll work on better grip and not shifting it with dry fire practice.  thanks
I plan to move to the long range shooting with this rifle.  My local range about a mile from the house only goes to 200 yds.  I am clearing a spot at home that will get me to 300 yds.  Being retired, I make it to the local range in the morning or early afternoon, I have met several old guys (respectfully) who have been doing this for many years.   The pair i met when I was shooting the ladder have a spot they can shoot to 860 and clearing a little more to get to 1100.  One of the guys old farm ground.  I will get to go with them this spring.  Really looking forward to it.  So I know I will be seeking more advice. 
Thanks again for the help.
Reloading / Re: Help with ladder data next steps
Thanks for the advice.  I have 3 rounds each of 41.3 gr at .010, .015, .020, .025 and .030 off the lands.   This time of year in So. Il , warmer days and low winds are rare.  May be a decent day Sunday or Monday with temp in upper 30's and light and variable winds to get to the range.
A couple of followup questions.

I read the post  here and article from the PRS forum concerning the accuracy and forgiveness of distance off of the lands.  When I find the "current" best distance off of the lands at 41.3 gr, I will use this distance to further narrow the charge as you guys suggested.  Will this then be the charge that I use and just play more with distance off the lands as the barrel changes? 

I mentioned the pull to the right on mu original post.  I guess the word for this would be more of a drift.  It is not a jerk from trigger pull or a flinch from expecting recoil.  It is like during my focus on cross hair and breathing  i just seem to notice a little drift to the right and a little low before the trigger breaks. It is hard to explain, but I do notice it before the shot.  I can call it, as i did 2 times in the 21 shots in the ladder test.  Not sure if it is an unintentional change in pressure somewhere in my setup.  Is it due to too much focus?  Shooting on a bench with a front rest and rear bag.   I know a million things could cause this.  Does anyone have an obvious suggestion?

Thanks again.

General Discussion / Devil went down to Georgia
Well it looks like the Devil went down to Georgia yesterday.  Johnny couldn't hold his ground.  Hope everyone has a good supply of brass/primers/powder/bullets.  Not a good time to be thinking about a 6.5 grendal build.  This serious shortage may be for a couple of years. 

Hopefully there will be a few moderate democrates or Independents who support the 2nd amendment.  If not, we may be in trouble.
Reloading / Help with ladder data next steps
I an developing a load for a Savage Predator 110.  I started the process a couple of years ago before I had to take a break to take care of my mother, so I started over when I got to start shooting and reloading again.  I got some neat data from a ladder test and am looking for advice on the next steps.
The gun has a 24 in heavy fluted factory barrel that now has around 90 rounds down it.  I am using Hornady 140gr match hpbt, H4350,and CCi Br4 primers in small primer pocket Starline Brass deburred and uniformed primer pockets.  The bullet is seated .025 off the lands.

I did a ladder test based on my beginning work on the load from before.  I had 3 cartridges of each load and increased .3 grs between loads.  I list the powder charge, average velocity, standard deviation and group size for each load.  the groups were shot with the magnetospeed on the barrel on a windy day at 100 yrds.  My old pull to the right demon was at the range!

40 gr        2623        S.D. 8.1         adjusted scope poi during this group
40.3 gr    2632        S.D. 10.0       .74 inch
40.6 gr    2653         S.D. 13.0       .76 inch
40.9 gr    2671          S.D. 8.6         .94 inch
41.2 gr     2703         S.D.  2.4        .93 inch    2 overlapping with the 3rd pulled to the right.
41.5 gr.    2710         S.D. 3.4         .80 inch    2 almost touching and 3rd pulled right
41.7 gr     2735         S.D.  5.5        .44 inch

Prior 3 loads at 41.7 had caused a slightly sticky bolt and a faint ejector mark on 1 of the 3.  The 3 today did not cause a sticky bolt and did not show any ejector marks.  primers were somewhat flat but rounded at the edge with no real crater.  I would still prefer to be less than 41.7 gr.

The powder charge 41.2 to 41.5 looks like the area to investigate.  How would you guys proceed?  Load more rounds in this zone and measure speed??  shoot groups without the magneto on a more calm day?   

Thanks in advance for your help and advice !!