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General Discussion / Re: NF 42x44 Competition Scope
I love Nightforce scopes. My nearest range (that I know of) that is over 100 yards is 2 hours away. My needs are for hunting (until there is a long range facility built closer to me), but I’m not sure the SHV models will hold up and How the glass compares to the NX models. Sorry, if I hijacked the tread. I would love to shot PRS and, maybe F class. I would mount the NF and $1300 is a good deal....
Hunting / Steiner Rifle Scopes
Can anyone please enlighten me on Steiner Rifle scopes. Some dealer is running a discount on them. I’m looking for another scope for a new rifle (hunting). I have heard (in passing) that they are good scopes. I did a search on here and didn’t get any “Hits.” As always, I greatly appreciate your help and insight!

Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: BOUGHT: SIG Tango 6 scope (3 - 18 x 44)
I have seen this in action (certainly not enough to be an expert on Sig scopes). However, the technology behind this is extremely impressive and I would have loved to have had the "Backbone" to step out and buy one. I went with something (in my mind) that had a little longer "Track Record" and bought a Leupold 6HD to top my X-Bolt Speed. Of course, the weight alone would defeat my purpose of a "lite" hunting rifle. I believe that you will be totally happy with how you have spent your money. The first hike up in Elk country or Long Horn Sheep country may make you think otherwise.  :)
Please post pictures........we MUST have pictures. :))
Reloading / Re: IMR 4451 ???
Thank you both! I did a search for IMR 4451 before I posted the question and didn't get any results. I must have goofed it. Sorry.....
Reloading / IMR 4451 ???
Has anyone tried IMR 4451? I noticed that power as a recommendation for a replacement of H4350. Just thought I might save some money and time if it has already been tried in a 65 CM.

Reloading / Re: Case Life
Thanks for confirming what I am now starting to understand. It’s amazing what I have learned on here once I stopped talking and started listening😉
Reloading / Re: Case Life
I purchased Lapua brass before I had the rifle thinking that it was a must for good case life. I don’t expect to shoot any competition or even practice long range distances. The longest range in my near area is 300 yards long at most (there is an 800 yard range about 2 1/2 hours from here).
After reading about how so many of you are getting a good number of reloads from Hornady brass, I’m beginning to wonder if my money might have been better spent on something else. After all, I am reloading for hunting only (and some 100 yard practice).

Have a great day.....
Reloading / Questioning Sales Pitches
I am trying to learn ways of making more consistent ammo. While watching a couple of videos on certain runout tools, I understood isome to say that after the ammo was made, it was best to minimize runout by zeroing it by moving the bullets in the casing. It seems to me that this might cause one to loose neck tension. I used to never question a thing until after trying it, but now days it seems that it is better to ask before acting. Any help would be greatly appreciated
AR Variants / Re: Rock River NM trigger?
One and two pound triggers are generally not recommended.
A Rock Rivers AR0093NMK is 4.5 lbs. The Rock Rivers AR0093NMK-V
(Varmint) is 3.5 lbs, give or take an ounce or two.
The LAR-15V was purchased before any of the new designations and it is a 1 pound first stage and a 2 pound second stage. Whether it is off an ounce or two here or there is up for discussion....