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Reloading / Re: Hi everyone! New guy time

Not sure if this would work for you but it's worth considering. A group of avid shooters at the range where I'm a member pooled their cash and bought an AMP induction annealing machine, its kept it in a locker at the range. They allocate a certain amount of range time to annealing. Works for them and no one person had to cough up the full freight.
Reloading / Re: Quickload Help Please. Short Barrel 308
I don't really know anything about this area of QL. The filter criteria is outlined at the top of the output file, nothing there looks out of sorts. I do notice once I select this output QL becomes locked up, I have to end it and start over if I want to go back to a different output. Probably a program bug.
Reloading / Re: Quickload Help Please. Short Barrel 308
I don't know what it is with Varget and 308, they just seem well matched. I took direction from guys at my old range, they swore by Varget with 308, never heard a single person say it didn't work for them in that caliber.

I've also had excellent results using Varget for 6.5 Grendel and 35 Remington. 
Reloading / Re: Quickload Help Please. Short Barrel 308
I developed the load for the Steyr before I had a chronograph or QuickLoad, it was developed the old-fashioned way.

I ran the powders for you assuming 43.0 gr powder except for RL16 where I went to 46.0 to get it more in useful range. I couldn't find the XBR 8208 in the QL database. Went with a classic bullet, SMK 168 BTHP.

Hope these help, let me know if you want some more specific drill downs for certain powders.

Reloading / Re: Quickload Help Please. Short Barrel 308
I use Varget for my Steyr Scout that has a 16" barrel, it works real well with 168 gr bullets. Can't say I've really done any sophisticated load development for the rifle, 41.8 gr Varget comes to mind.

Anyway, I can help with QL, let me know as much as you can so we don't have to guess.

Here's a screen shot of some of the input details we can specify with QL.

Reloading / Re: Bullet Runout enigma
I bought the Hornady runout tool as well, I lost it when I learned I could use the same tool to correct excessive runout.

I did measure a bunch of rounds which were all within Hornady stated tolerance so I gave up on trying to find a problem.