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Reloading / Re: Annealing and neck tension.
My concern with loading up a large supply with a certain recipe is what to do when the rifle doesn't like that load as much as it used to, or I discover a new recipe that's even better, now I'm stuck bullet pulling or putting my hard work into the warm up pile.

That said, I had a stash of FGMM 308 ammo from one batch that was so old the boxes were turning yellow, that stuff was lights out in every rifle I ran it through.
Reloading / Re: Annealing and neck tension.
I just have to ask: as logical as seems that seating force would correlate directly to the force need to unseat the bullet, anyone know of an unseating force gauge? 
Reloading / Re: Annealing and neck tension.
I use this arbor press with their “force pack” accessory and dial indicator. When coupled with a Wilson or Sinclair seating die, the relative force required to seat bullets can be measured. 21st Century has a similar set up that measures hydraulic force required to seat the bullet. If I was shopping again I would go with the 21st Century version.

Damn. I'm sure once I explain to wife we're enjoying tuna for thanksgiving, again, she'll understand :)

Now, where's that 'ole credit card...
Reloading / Re: Annealing and neck tension.
If you want to try something interesting, brush ten cases, seat five within a couple of hours and put the other five aside for 24 hours. When you seat the five you saved back you can measure an increase in seating pressure over the first five. I don’t know why but not seating immediately has led to some messed up competitive rounds for me.

What instrument is used to measure the increased seating pressure? I tried using a trigger pull gauge which was a total fail is why I ask.
Reloading / Re: Annealing and neck tension.
In the video the amp guys showed more consistent seating pressure by brushing the neck.  I have read quite a bit on shooters forum and snipers hide about leaving the carbon in the neck for more consistent grip on the bullet.  Many on those forums will not wet tumble brass as they do not wish to have the inside of the neck clean.  This is contradictory to the amp video.   Would annealing have an effect on the carbon in the neck that makes it necessary to brush it out?  I have had good results leaving the necks dirty.

Good question. I imagine precision annealing should have the same effect on equally dirty brass; surface deposits of carbon is just that, unrelated to metallurgy, which annealing is married to.
Reloading / Re: Annealing and neck tension.
First of all Im sure they are keeping their cases sorted by number of times fired.  So as long as every case is the same, there is no inconsistency. 

I'll respectfully disagree; just because brass cases, or anything for that matter, are equally "bad" doesn't mean they are consistent with "good" cases. Either absolute neck tension means something or it doesn't. Not saying I know the answer with respect to neck tension but I've learned over the years the difference between things being relatively equal and being absolutely equal.
General Discussion / Re: NF 42x44 Competition Scope
I hate being a review-bound buyer sometimes but everything I've read about "budget" NF variable power scopes has been overwhelmingly negative. Fixed power scopes are another story; they cost less for a good reason.

That said, all the NF glass I've looked through was top rate.
General Discussion / Re: Another nut gathered
I have one of the cheesy Caldwell bags filled with walnut media, I hate the thing, spend too much  time fighting it.

May go back to the Atlas monopod to recall why I switched.
Reloading / Re: Thoughts on 140 v 142 Sierra MK's
I didn't have good enough results with the 140 gr SMKs to warrant the premium, I had much better price-performance out of the Hornady 140 gr BTHPs. Just to be clear, the Hornday 140s shot better and more consistently than the SMKs out of my rifle, X-bolt 28", and they cost less.

For my 30 cal rifles the SMKs rule :)
General Discussion / Re: A sub-forum for all 6.5 cartridges?
I shoot a few different cartridges I hand load for but only a few I take seriously; 6.5 CM, 6.5 Grendel, 308 Win and .223 Rem. I've learned 1000 times more good, solid hand loading information on this forum than all others combined. Once I learned there is no magic recipe, that each cartridge and rifle combination requires the same workup effort, and that safety is paramount, extending knowledge gained here to other cartridges has proven invaluable to me.

Plus I get to ask the occasional dumb question and laugh at myself often, can't beat that :)       
General Discussion / Re: 400-600 yard scope, how much?
Chris, first is this for making small groups at 400-600 only?
Sightron are a very nice scope for the money, good value.
You can pickup a Sightron SIII 10-50 for about $1000 and the 8-32
for a little under. I owned a 10-50 and sold it, still own a SIII 8-32 and a
Vortex golden eagle.
I've looked thru the GE for about 2 years and about 6 months ago
put the Sightron 8-32 on another build and immediately noticed the
Sightron was noticeably brighter than the GE.  Might have a little to do
with the Sightron was on 32x and the GE was on 40x
Might be talked into selling the 8-32, looking to upgrade to the new
SV model $2000+

Yup, purely for shooting small groups. One thing I don't need is an illuminated reticle, one more thing to pay extra for and never use.

I'll PM you regarding the 8-32x50.
General Discussion / Re: 400-600 yard scope, how much?
Thanks for the input. Me and Vortex didn't see eye-to-eye on something that left a bad taste so it's not likely I'll go that route. I always wondered about Nightforce, maybe worth looking at their offerings.

I have two areas where I feel good, or not, about a scope. First is eye relief, not so much the absolute distance from the eyebox, more the distance range where I get a clear sight picture. Some scopes I've tried have a very narrow sweet spot, others are a bit more accommodating

The other area is fringing at higher magnification, where the field of view drops beyond nominal, like a halo effect.

Everyone's vision is more or less a personal thing so there really isn't a universal answer. For me, I've never felt like I overpaid for a Sightron SIII; generous eye relief and low to no fringing when amped up.

General Discussion / 400-600 yard scope, how much?
I'm a big fan so far of Sightron SIII scopes, I don't have the time or money to try them all. Generally  I set a limit of $1000 for a quality target riflescope, but things do change. For a non-competitive, target situation, is $1k still enough?