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General Discussion / Re: Scope deal
I ordered one of these last week from euro optics... they was priced at 899.. my boy found one on a site called dvor for 750.. euro optics will price match so I called them and they matched dvor price so I ordered it but it was back ordered.. they said it would be a couple weeks before they got them in again... no big deal I wasn't in a big hurry for it...then today my boy sends me a text saying midway had this deal... so I call euro optics to see what I could do... the guy their looked it up on midway because he couldn't believe it and after he seen it he said theirs no way he can match that deal.. that midway has to be losing money on a deal like that and he recommended to me to cancel my backorder with them and get the deal on midway so that's what I did... this afternoon I looked and their sold out and listed as backordered with a price of 899... wish I had ordered 2 of them
General Discussion / Re: Steel Target Hanger
you all might laugh but I use them steel rods that you use to hang flower pots on around your landscaping... you can find the 4 or 5 foot tall ones at places like rural king or Walmart for 12 or 14 bucks... works good 
General Discussion / Re: Scope deal
Ok.. alot of us cant afford 3000 dollar scopes so for the price it's a great scope as far as I'm concerned..
General Discussion / Scope deal
Midway has a vortex pst gen2 5x25x50 ebr 4 reticle on a special sale for 559. With a set of free vortex rings. One heck of a deal if anyone is needing a great scope.
General Discussion / Re: Go fund me page
alright alright …. I might have referenced sliced bread.. I am a fan of it... :) 

and dave how dare you call me slow... :)
Reloading / Re: Hornady A Tip Bullets?
nice bob... still waiting on mine from midways backorder.. I seen yesterday where powder valley had them...keep us posted on what you think of them as you test them ..
Reloading / Re: Ready for first Load! last second questions
6.5 creedmoor
Load development
Day one. 10 shot ladder plus 5 rounds to verify the node.
Day 2 five rounds to confirm the node
 is good.
No changes to seating depth
One ragged hole at a 100
Multiple 1/4 minute groups at 300 and 430 yards since
Load work done a month ago.
Results this evening .
8 to 10 mph wind from 5 oclock. Target 430 yards. Hornady brass. H4350 powder. 140 gr. Berger hybrids .. 3 shot group. Works for me.. 😁

I should add I couldn't tell you what the es and sd numbers are. I'm with Dave the target dictates the load.