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Reloading / Re: New Barnes 145gr Match Burners
Sounds like your doing all the right things dave.. couple questions for ya.. how are you setting up the target for your ocw test.. are all your aim points in a single horizontal row.. with ocw test were looking for 2 or 3 charge weights to have the same point of impact in relation to the target.. with the aim points in a row its pretty easy to see the load come into the node. Level out and then go out of the node.. if you can post a pic of your ocw test.. we can give you better feedback that way.. if your in the node then work on seating depth.. i like to go .005 on both sides of what i started with.. then i can tell which way to go if one side is tightening the group up..
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
So i have some regular 147 grain eldm's.. i measured oal on a couple of them.. they were within .002 of the blems.. i then measured base to ogive on a couple regular ones.. base to ogive measured .799.. base to ogive on the blems measure .826.. so im assuming the ogive is alot farther forward.. humpf
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
I think i did too jerry.. i also checked several in the zeroed box with a 20 caliber insert.. thinking it would be more inline with where my seating stem would make contact.  I only checked about 30 but they all checked zero.. .. i went ahead and weighed a few also and they weighed from 146.5 to 147.7.. i think im going to throw them all back in the box and shoot them when i need them.. hope the 6mm 103's are as good..
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
Pleasantly surprised with the blemished bullets i got from midway.. appearance wise i cant see a thing wrong with them.. i sorted a little over a 100 of them from base to ogive.. about 60% were zero.. 40% being between .001 and .002 long and 3 being .002 short.. i think the blemished part may come in the oal of them.. had up to .007 variance in oal.. havnt weighed any of them and probably wont.. not sure theirs any need to even sort the rest of them.. as they will just be used to bang steel.. think it was a good buy.. especially with bullets being hard to come by.. happy camper..
Reloading / Re: Advice needed for purchaseof powsder throw.
I've used mine for a few years now randy and i couldnt tell ya how much the graduation marks are.. lol.. i always close the whole drum up.. then slide it all out till i get within a couple grains.. then start opening up the fine adjustments  to get where i want to be..
Reloading / Re: Advice needed for purchaseof powsder throw.
The baffle is a v shaped piece with a hole on both sides.. the baffle keeps the full weight of the powder in the canister off the internal drum.. allowing for more consistent throws.. the baffle sets like this ^
Reloading / Re: Advice needed for purchaseof powsder throw.
Randy your lyman 55 should have came with these.. the thrower is made to either mount on top of your press or on a bench. It has two inserts that can go in the bottom of the thrower.. one for small mouth cases and one for large mouth cases..  i dont use mine on a press.. i mount it to my bench..
Reloading / Re: RL-19 with Berger 130 OTM
Keep in mind also that rl19 is not temp stable like some of the newer alliant powders like rl 16 or rl23.. so a load at 50 degrees that shows no pressure signs might be over pressured at 85 degrees..
Reloading / Re: RL-19 with Berger 130 OTM
Haven't tried that powder or them bullets in a 6.5 creedmoor.. but i did look up load data for rl19 on alliants website.. it has no listings for rl19 in a 6.5 creedmoor.. not saying it wont work but i would proceed with caution..
Reloading / Re: Pressure Signs or rather the lack of pressure signs
Jerry i do agree that its whats on the target that counts.. but their is no target pics from the op yet.. i gave advise on the information that was givin so far.. and thats the numbers.. from what i read here the op has been  reloading since the 70's and has been using the velocity ladder for a little while now.. and talks about being able to get his es and sd down around 10 for the es.. that tells me hes got a handle on making good rounds.. like alot of us that dont have labradars its hard to do a ocw test and record velocity at the same time with a magneto speed.. that thing straped onto the end of the barrel affects the groups and pretty much makes them meaning less.. so with the information available and the advice giving hopefully the op can give us some groups to look at to go with the information we have so far..