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Reloading / Re: Area419 Press, incoming
Holy crap, that's WAY out of my price range! $1200 is more than I plan to spend on a complete reloading setup!

Seems like a lot however I bought my T7 with a 50% off certificate won at the 1000 yard Nationals and wouldn't be without a quality turret press now. If I didn't have the T7 I would figure out a way to justify one of these.
Being a press junkie I'm jealous!
Reloading / Re: Area419 Press, incoming
Matt Owens had a couple on display at a regional match last month.  Not that I needed another press but I could not pass up buying one.  The precision in second to none, very rigid, operates smoother than 007 and has a built in inline seating ram.  It is also designed to be easily portable in the theme of the original Charlie Hood design.

Oh I'm gonna have one and wish I'd bought that Hood the other day but....

How does the bump adjustment setting work I bet it's nice instead of fiddling with a feeler guage or leaning on the handle a second time.
Reloading / Re: Area419 Press, incoming
That press looks nice Chris. I don't hold it against you but that's quite a ways beyond what I'm willing to spend on a press. I have a T7 and really like it. I actually took my rock chucker off the limited space bench have here in ND to put it on.

I bought a like new Hornady Classic off flea bay yesterday. Came with a Lee powder throw, a few of the lock and load bushings, a cheap digital scale and some other trinket. Anyway got the whole package for a hundy so I call that a deal.

I was eyeballing this earlier today. Wish I hadn't drug my feet! I don't think they make them anymore but there's a company making them with their blessing now. Not cheap either this one would have been a good buy. Some day I'll count but as of tight now I'm not serve how many presses I have.
Competition / Re: RPR match grade barrel
I just watched a video on how the rpr barrel is mated to the action.. your both correct in a way.. the barrel has a shoulder.. well more of a flange.. the barrel nut has a shoulder inside it like a ar barrel nut.. screw the barrel in and set the headspace then tighten the nut down against the flange and your done..

I watched it earlier then got distracted packing for tomorrow.
Hunting / Re: Texas Panhandle Trip NO-GO
Will do it in the next couple of years but just not inspired this year.  Too much "stuff" going on.  Already know they kill much larger bucks on Steve's OK properties. Rifle season during prime rut.  Most of his leases are on the Cimarron River.

The Cimmaron crosses hwy 270 between Woodward and Mutual and dumps into the North Canadian NE of there if memory serves me correctly. I spent the first 5 years of my life on a ranchnear there that the the North Canadian flowed through.

Had to Google it, I'm off a little ways but not far. Persimmon creek is I believe what I'm thinking of.
Competition / Re: RPR match grade barrel
There are a few good quality companies that make RPR "pre-fit" shouldered barrels.
Just screw on and good to go.  Do a little research and see what the likes and
dislikes are for each company.
As far as 4 or 5 groove, not a lot of difference.
Most in the 6-6.5 calibers are using the 4 and having good results.
Some using bigger calibers are leaning towards the 5
Not a bad choice either way. Could be just the flavor of the month.

Another place that makes pre-fits,

How is a shouldered barrel pre fit? The whole point of the nut is to set headspace and jam the nut. If I'm wrong here no problem but I want to know how.
Hunting / Re: Texas Panhandle Trip NO-GO
Am way ahead on recovery from back surgery. Thanks for asking. Drop the brace in two more weeks.  After that, will ease into bending and lifting.

Biggest thing I will miss about the Panhandle is the open country and the chance for a long poke.

You should try the OK properties. I seriously doubt you'll be dissapointed.
Reloading / Re: Which First Bullet Seating or Powder Charges
Well I felt lucky today...tossed a coin....chose a variety of bullets, variety of seating depths and a few different charges.....
The top right target is about the best I could get out of the Speer 140 Hot Cors after testing off an on for a week or two.

The others through the same rifle at the same session.  Bullets, charges and seating picked randomly.  First time they ever were shot from this Savage.

Betting if I work on these I can make them worse! 😁

I'm with Robin on the .030" the one straight above it I bet is a little off on seating or powder. When you are shooting even sided triangles you're close to the right balance of powder and seating.

Sometimes you are still a node too with a slightly bigger triangle.
Competition / Re: RPR match grade barrel
Nothing wrong with a 4 groove but different people have different preferences. 5 groove would be a good choice also.