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General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
Interesting, @boltman13 if I were going to sort by only one parameter for 600 yards it would be base to ogive.

Brian Litz said that once in an interview, not saying I'm right or you are wrong. That's what's cool about all this is we all get to decide what's important for ourselves.

A couple winters ago I sorted a several thousand bullets from different makers to several parameters and found base to ogive and OAL were the only place to catch a variance on any of them.
OAL being the worst but then after measuring base to seater stem it was clear all the OAL variance was between the seater stem and meplat and under magnification it was pretty obvious it was the meplat themselves.

With all that being said like I stated above I sort to .001" on ogive and .005" OAL with the real benefit being I catch 4 - 10 freaks per 1000 that are way off from the rest. They get used as foulers.

Don't know if it matters but it makes me feel better. 
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
I hate sortuing

I did 750 VT 103 hand pulleds yesterday. If I culled 5 from the short end they were within .003" on 745 B to O with and the whole batch was within .010" OAL, sorting OAL to .005" and B to O to .001" 70% of the bullets went into one bin.

That's pretty good actually.

I'd agree with Jerry your blems sorted well!
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
It warms my heart to see you sorting bullets Grant 😂 no way to know if there's a real turd hid in the rest without laying hands on ALL of them.

Wouldn't want to wreck a group you know!
Reloading / Re: RL-19 with Berger 130 OTM
...... However, neither velocity nor placement on target is a stand alone assessment of excessive pressure......

I agree and I'll add, placement on target is not a reliable indication of velocity if the same bullets are seated differently IMO

Also with the Sierra data supporting the higher charge weight on the same weight bullet I would not be apprehensive about shooting a different bullet of the same weight, but would be watching for pressure signs.
Competition / Re: Ammo Shortage: beginning to thin out shooters who compete
I'm going to miss the next three local NBRSA matches so I'm shooting a 22lr IR 50/50 BR match on Saturday.  I still have some match grade 22lr that I can shoot.  This will help extend my center fire components.

Not sure why but RF BR has been interesting to me for a few years now, not even sure where to start looking for a match anywhere near me which is just as well I sure don't need another gun to feed.
Gunsmithing / Re: New barrel time soon
I think at 600 almost any gun likes the 106s but I have two barrels that really like them a lot. A Lilja and a Brick but I've honestly never tried them in a Krieger.

I've got a bunch of Bart's I've never got around to testing but shot great the one time I laddered them out but on the same day the Carpenters seemed a little tighter.

I've got other custom bullets too but there's only so much time and barrel life to test.
Gunsmithing / Re: New barrel time soon
@Ranger 188

Found some 106s out in MT recently and the guy said he should let me have them because he'd never shoot them.

A week later I texted him about how many he had and what did he want for them.
So he weighs them, sends me several pictures and decides he has 950+ of them.

Again I as what he wants for them. An hour later he texts back he better keep them. This was one of the DC guys.

Gunsmithing / Re: New barrel time soon
I've got a 7.25 twist 6 BRA barrel that really shoots the 103 - 106 class bullets, by popular opinion it should be over twisted.

I spend a lot of time & components looking for the "secret sauce" nodes that are considerably slower than what many feel to be the gold standard for a known combination and often my testing has me shooting a velocity that most wouldn't consider. Almost to a rule anytime I chase a known "upper" node it's not as good as the middle or low node.

I weigh primers, pin guage necks, expand with a mandrel, sort bullets to 2 - 4 parameters etc.

What I'm getting at is we all have our own way of doing things and our own accuracy requirements for what we're doing.

So when we start making blanket statements for what worked in something else it may work but since every rifle, barrel and shooter is different there's a really high likelihood we are leaving "meat on the bone" if we don't test it thoroughly ourselves in our rifle.

There are many loads that seem to shoot good or even well in many rifles but there are always improvements to be had that only come from testing.
General Discussion / Re: blemished bullets
I'd consider measuring them OAL also, tipped bullets are usually very close but being blems I'd have to know. Then I'd probably put a .22 insert in the comparator to measure base to seater stem.

This would all be dependent of what your expectations for the are though.