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Reloading / Re: New BRA
Every time I pull the trigger, it counts in my book. But, I know what you mean. That's some pretty solid shooting, and preparation. Well done my friend.
Reloading / Re: New BRA
I've never been able to shoot 1000 yards for score, or results. Just hearing the steel clang was all. The best measured group at a range over 300 yards has been 1.5" at 500! Now you casually stroll in with the same size group at a grand? Cuts deep English... no matter who makes your barrel... :))
Reloading / Re: New BRA
I'll be looking lower in charge weight on the next ladder.

Were you near the high end of charge weight? Looks like your POA matches well for the two groups of two. Anyway, that't not shabby at all , English. Keep it up. You shoot and load better on your worst day than I manage on my best. Wish I had a 1000 yard range to play on close by. Hell, 500 would tickle me fancy well enough.
Reloading / Re: New BRA
I had an interesting day at the range yesterday with my 223. I had three powder charges, 0.2 grains apart at the same jump all shoot into sub 0.2" groups, but the POI was dramatically different. This suggested to me that I was at the high end of pressure for that load, I'd be really surprised, but I think it is so. My 28" bbl with Varget will not shoot the 80 Nosler at 2800 FPS without getting close to my "perceived" max pressure. The groups though, as stated, were outstanding, just not very confidence inspiring with the POI shifts at only 100 yards. I say they were dramatic, but 3/4" high and right or 1/2" low and 14" right respective to my POA is dramatic for that rifle when the individual powder charges shot so well, repeatedly.

Anyway, I don't know what this has to do with your thread, but I think it was something to do with where are you on the velocity spectrum for this caliber?

Damnit. I forgot to shoot some without the can on to clean off the crown yesterday. Shtuff!
General Discussion / Re: NRA.

If everyone who is a member of the NRA were to switch the Gun Owners of America, then it would be a plausible source of defense. Currently, the corruption in the NRA is not the biggest threat to our rights as human beings, which are protected by the constitution and the bill of rights. The NRA is our largest ally in the defense of our 2nd amendment. No surprise the leftist media attacks its character and motives non-stop. It does appear to be a pattern with them. When they can’t win the argument/debate, defame, dishonor, discredit the opposition. Since you can’t attack a corporation personally, you have to attack its people. That’s a losing proposition for them though, as we are all it’s people. They always seem to forget that.
Reloading / Re: Proper headspace
I have never had dry media remove Imperial from the inside necks of cases. I actually run mine back through the SS pins and dish soap for 10-20 minutes after sizing.
Reloading / Re: Proper headspace
^^^ same here.. spray them down and start sizing them... I would probably use the imperial sizing wax all the time if I could get a little inside the necks easier ...guess I could take a q-tip and swab a little in there but the one shot is

When you're using Imperial, you can just scrape the mouth of every third, or fourth, case against the pad of the finger you are applying the wax with a couple times in different places. It'll grab enough off to keep the expander lubed. I use Imperial for all my 5.56 cases, and typically size around 500-700 at a time. It takes a while to do each one by hand, but I have had one stuck case in a SB die, and won't be doing that again. Besides, my time is worth much less when I'm the one buying it. :)
Ammunition / Re: 6.5 Creedmoor Subsonic Ammo. from Chauk 1 Munitions
Uh, I still don't get it. I shoot a lot of rifles suppressed, and the 6.5 is one of them. I imagine getting subsonic speeds with standard weight projectiles is going to lead to some nasty fouling. I had a guy give me some Right to Bear Arms subsonic 223, and it's quiet, but it also was not very much fun to shoot. At least with something like the 300 BLK, you get heavy for caliber (kinda) projectiles moving with high load densities that burn well and still carry some energy and stability downrange. I don't mean to rain on any parades, but if you have a can and it fits your 6.5, sling it at 2700 and enjoy the reduced report and sense of being tacti-cool AF. That's what I do anyway, minus the tacti-cool part.
Reloading / Re: Proper headspace
SACRILEGE!!! None of you are getting Christmas presents from me ever again. Never mind that you've never gotten presents from me.
Reloading / Re: Case Life
Typical for some headstamps. I do not think Hornady is among them for top end (~2750+ FPS) loads, but I wouldn’t be surprised if they did that with proper headspace control. How’s you primer pockets doing?
Reloading / Re: SMK 142 loads
No apologies necessary. I'm just a safety Sally, and the only experience I've had where load data between two guns has been interchangeable has been in the pistol calibers.