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Competition / Re: New Deep Creek shooters do well!
Think he is a bit overwhelmed. He had no thoughts of competitive shooting two months ago. 😛It’s all my fault according to him. Sometimes a horse does drink when you lead it to water.
Competition / Re: New Deep Creek shooters do well!
Well I have to say last weekend at Deep Creek was one of the most fun and educational times I’ve had in a long while. It was a kick to chat with Dave in person and meet his lovely wife - Good folks. I got a chance to watch the real pros in action - including a couple of past national champions a few who are in contention right now. Every shooter I chatted with was friendly, supportive and generous in their efforts to teach a rookie. You can learn a lot of really good technique if you sit and analyze what you are seeing. The Deep Creek range is gorgeous and run extremely well by the club members. I would encourage anyone in the vicinity to consider joining up with that group of shooters.

Saturday first target I came out of the gate hot. Well maybe a little too hot. I shot a clean target for the full possible 50 points with a real nice group and then put one more round into the X ring because I had lost count of how many rounds I had put down range. That’s a real no no and I was DQed for that target. Bummer cause I lost 50 points towards my aggregate total for the entire match. Second target of the day, I redeemed myself a bit with a 4.46” group - best of the light gun relays for the day. Sunday we had a good storm coming in which made the conditions variable from relay to relay. Yep, I caught the windy ones. 😋 Shot a 39 first target and a 47 for the second. My total points for the match earned me 10th place out of 40 light gun competitors which I was truly stoked about considering I forfeited 50 points on the first target.

My rookie buddy Jay from Fort Collins shot heavy gun with a MPA chassis in 6.5 Creedmoor. Jay has never shot a match and just started with his Creedmoor about a month ago. He shot extremely well even though we played with his load development during the match. He doesn’t realize it yet,  but he freakin swallowed the hook last weekend. He is already asking when are we going to the next match. 😆

Needless to say I’m hooked on this competition stuff and next match I will shoot both light and heavy gun divisions. It’s time to decrown my safe queen and get that Shehane back in action.

Left Deep Creek Monday morning early and pulled into my yard at 12:20 AM after a 15 hour haul with the RV. 850 miles one way is a long trip but I still came home with a huge smile on my face.
Reloading / Re: Dies...
Great post Clive!

Wow what an interesting background. You have been around the block with your shooting endeavors. No personal BP history here but my neighbor commissioned a Sharps 45/70 two years ago and I’ve followed his load development progress ever since. You are right - there is a lot of mad scientist approach there with paper wraps, long drop tubes, and working with a volatile powder.

I think you are going to find the 6.5 CM  a piece of cake and probably one of the most versatile cartridges you worked with. Your Bergara barrel should perform well.
Reloading / Re: Hornady A Tip Bullets?
 “So I need to go up or down from what I thought was a good starting point from QL.  So more work to be done with this one.”

Think I would look on the down side first. 😊
Reloading / Re: Dies...
Welcome sharps -  glad to have you join us. Good reloading and load development info for the Creedmoor family abounds here and we are all happy to share our findings. Hope you will find time to participate in the sharing part - sounds like you’ve been at this game awhile.

The Redding/Lee/Forster combo is a popular one and will produce good precision rounds quickly. I get my best reloads, however, from Wilson dies and a cheap arbor press. That set up also travels to the range well for on the spot load development.

Once again, welcome. Tell us a little about your shooting history and your new 6.5.
Electronics / Software / Gadgets / Re: New bore scope
That is one ugly bore in their advertisement picture when you zoom in on it. 😱

SwampDog I hope you find this is a good unit. It would be nice to have an inexpensive scope available that most shooters can afford.

Gregg thanks for the heads up!
Reloading / Re: Hi everyone! New guy time
Welcome rockyboy. Glad to have you join us.

Hornady makes good brass. Their formula is not too hard or soft and it withstands lots of reloading if the case prep and load charges are managed appropriately. If there is a valid criticism of their product, it’s in the consistency of case capacity, as well as, body wall and neck wall consistency.  As with any brass, these inconsistencies lead to inaccuracies induced by varying neck tension and especially by varying ignition pressures secondary to inconsistent case capacity.  If you are a precision shooter, you can over come these issues simply by sorting and culling the brass. If time is money for you in the reloading arena and it drives you nuts to buy brass that you cull 10-15% to acquire a consistent population, then you might find yourself buying more expensive brass that arrives in your reloading room as a much more consistent population.