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It really makes me laugh at some folks who consider themselves knowledgeable on guns. I don't laugh in their face of course, that would be rude. It happened with my younger brother a few years ago after I took a Gunsmith course so I could work on my own. He brought me a Marlin Model 60 22LR complaining it was functioning very slowly. I told him it needed cleaning and I guess that insulted him. He left it and I broke it completely down and it was like a gum factory. When he came to pick it up and asked what it cost, I said nothing, it was dirty. I asked him if he wanted to learn to break it down, he said nope, I'll just bring it to you.
Last month a friend asked if I could do the same to his Remington 700 in 260 Remington. He said in cold weather it won't fire, when I asked how he cleans it he described a standard cleaning and spraying it with WD 40, wiping it down and putting it away. I told him to stop using WD 40 and get a quality purpose made gun solvent and oil. It's been cleaned several times he told me, I asked if anyone had ever broken down the bolt, nope. He's bringing it over so I can get it straightened out for him.
What gets me is these relatively intelligent  people don't think to clean the innermost workings from time to time.

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Welcome from central Louisiana.  Preach on brother.  Have converted quite a few friends and family on the "proper" way to break-in and clean.  Quality firearms are a investment and with a little TLC they will never fail you. Your statement about WD 40 made my old white head turn a little whiter.   :'(
If you have the shot, take it.

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Thanks sportacus, I told both of these guys that most problems with a gun that isn't physically abused or just worn out is almost always a desperate need of a deep clean. When I did the job for my brother he asked how much it would cost him, and I told him nothing. He insisted on paying somehow. So I told him to get a box of 380 ammo for my wifes LCP. I specifically told him not to worry about the big name brands, get some Privi or PPU. He brought me a box of Remington 380, 90 grain hollow points, $30. Then he complained about the price, he said he had never heard of the other brands. So I told him that we shoot the factory FMJ's for tareget and I load for home defense myself.