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Savage Trigger

When I got the Savage Elite Precision, it didn't have the Target Trigger which could be set to less than 1lb.  So I decided to try the Jard Savage trigger.  I got the 7-12oz version.

One of my complaints on the Savage Target trigger was that it was inconsistent.  There were times when you just touched it and it would break and then other times when the force was noticeable higher.  It would bug me when competing.  So I have been pleased with the Jard so far.  I have it set to the minimum pull value and it is very nice and predictable.  It is a single stage versus the two stage with the stock Savage but that was an easy adjustment.  

It was an easy drop modifications were necessary in the MDT chassis. 
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Re: Savage Trigger

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Jard's always had a poor reputation it seems.  However, when I was looking to upgrade my gen 1 RPR trigger they were the only game in town so I pulled the trigger on their 'parts kit'.  I really like it and see no reason to replace it with some of the drop in complete triggers that are now available.