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Welcome to this community for the Creedmoor metallic cartridges enthusiasts. We have been sharing information here since February 2010 and have grown quite a bit since. Please join us and share your experiences with the Creedmoor cartridges, and also please spread the word about the forum. As we continue growing, the forum will become an even greater resource for all of us.

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Reloading / Re: to neck turn or to NOT neck turn
Last post by Ranger 188 -
First, what rifle and barrel are you shooting?
What are you shooting for? ( PRS, just plinking, Benchrest? )
What are the distances you will be shooting mostly?
Most factory rifles don't need neck turning.
Some custom chambers don't need it either.
As Jerry said, only if you are trying to get the most out of it.
You can turn too much off and hurt your long term brass life
in a factory barrel.
If you go down this road, it's a long and expensive process to do
it right.
Reloading / Re: to neck turn or to NOT neck turn
Last post by flexible -
yup, the 30. here are the numbers: 749-011-481WB
#30A 30° Shoulder (25 to 338 Caliber) Bump Gage Insert
Mfr Part: 0910301

jvw2008, i have a LOT of Hornady brass (over 500 factory rounds) but i have some factory Lapua and 300 rounds of Lapua virgin brass.
Reloading / Re: to neck turn or to NOT neck turn
Last post by jvw2008 -
Not necessary unless you are trying to squeeze the last drop of accuracy out of your cases. A step in that direction without turning is to start with the very best quality brass you can buy. Look for consistency in capacity and neck wall thickness making sure it fits your chamber throat correctly.
General Discussion / Re: Get your wife shooting if you want an unlimited shooting budget!
Last post by jvw2008 -
Married or unmarried really isn’t relevant. What’s important is what makes you feel successful and fulfilled. Some guys who never marry would have made great husbands and fathers. Some guys who are husbands and fathers never should have married. I can’t think of anything I could buy that would have given me the feeing of fulfillment that I’ve received from my wife and children. But by golly I still enjoy the heck out of buying stuff - both for myself and my family.
Gunsmithing / Re: learned something new today
Last post by MTMAN -
I have a model 94 Win. in 30-30 built in the 1970s. The lever is pinned in and was never properly tempered (really soft metal). It peens the part of the lever that retards the shells in the magazine from coming out all at once. I have to peen it back down at times to make it work properly. The 1970s were a real mess for quality assurance. Ford cars were a piece of junk back then and so were Winchester rifles. The rifle shoots good though. The older and newer rifles all seem to have much better quality control.
Reloading / to neck turn or to NOT neck turn
Last post by flexible -
hi everyone, flexible here. Been loading/reloading pistol ammo for decades and recently started loading for my 6.5 Creedmoor. I'm pretty well equipped (still waiting for the Sinclair shoulder bump insert for my Sinclair gauge - surprise it's on backorder).
BUT I've been doing research on neck turning.
Opinions please, is it worth it? Plus looking at the K&M or the Sinclair NT.

Gunsmithing / Rifle Build, 6.5 Creed
Last post by CaptMarine -
I'm giving up on my RPR.  I have never in my 72 years had a rifle built just for me. All have been off the shelf items.  So I'm finally going to take the plunge.  Attached are several quotes I have been able to obtain.  Hoping now to get some additional expert advice on which if any to pull the trigger on, OR change the specs.  Any and all suggestions appreciated hopefully with why make the change.
From Masterpiece Arms:

MPA6.5  BA
•         Caliber – 6.5 Creedmoor
•         Action –Impact 737R
•         Barrel –Sendero contour; 1:8 twist; 26” finish
•         Chassis – MPA BA Comp Chassis
•         Muzzle Brake – MPA Premium Muzzle Brake
•         Trigger – Trigger Tech Special set to 1.5lbs.
•         Magazine – AICS. (10 Round AICS Compatible Magazine Included)
•         Built In Inclinometer leveling system
•         Thumb Notch
•         Night Vision Bridge
•         R.A.T. System Compatible
$3675.00 base price

Thanks to all,
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
Last post by thatmarine -
I put this post in the gadgets section, but i thought i would post it here too since it pertains to dasher ballistics.

I was being cheap, and i built this chart because i refused to spend $500 bucks on a Kestrel.

The first page explains how to use the chart. These are the 3 things that I always needed to get from Kestrel owners when i was at a match. The 3 things are nothing more than mathematical equations that i built using excel. The PDF is built so that Pages 3 & 4 can be printed double sided. Page 5 is designed to be printed single sided and folded / ripped up for whatever size target you have and then clipped to your Data board on your gun.

The three things that this file does is:
1) Determine the speed of a moving target
2) Determines the lead to the CENTER of the moving target (little bit of math required if you want to use the leading edge)
3) Based on the target size, gives values for Unknown distances stages.

Calculations are all included. The speed is worked for 2875-2950. There is very little variation due the times that we are talking about.

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