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General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
I have had a fun day.. got every thing fixed and right on this little truck now.. put about 40 miles on it today.. stopped and got my 83 year old mom and took her a ride in it down to look at the river.. she declared she needed one of these mini trucks.. lol tinkered around with it quiet a bit checking fluids and things.. everything works on the truck down to the cigarette lighter and windshield washer.. it came a flood here this afternoon late. ( never seen it rain so hard or drops of rain so big in my life) thought i better take the mini out on my property and see how bad it was.. a few pics of my property from the mini.. 😁
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
I have two more things to do to it.. the electric fan to the radiator wont come on.. and has to be replaced.. can still drive it around a good while before it gets anywhere near hot. And also put some new digger tires on it..
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
This little truck is just cool as can be.. got everything fixed on it now.. starts right up.. rides and drives down the road nice.. in low range and first gear i think it would climb a tree.. lol. May be the coolest toy i ever got.. the bad part is this was a really good friend of mine truck.. we had been wheeling and dealing on it for about a year.. i have a old chevy truck 4x4 with a 400 small block in it that he wanted.. trucks shot but the motor is a good one.. any way my friend passed away a couple weeks ago suddenly.. main artery going to the heart blew apart and they couldnt save him.. his oldest son i guess new that me and my friend had been going back and forth on this truck and he called me saturday morning wanting to know if i wanted it.. course i did but didnt know what he would have to have for it.. any way he wanted to know what i would give for it and i told him a 1000 dollars.  Didnt figure he would go for that but he said that sounded like a fair deal to both of us and took it.. im sure it would bring way more than that and im tickled to death to have got it for that.. my boy just got a new Polaris 900 side by side and i wouldn't trade this little truck for it..  heres a couple more pics of it..