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General Discussion / Got me a new rig..
Got me a new hunting rig.. been wanting a side by side or something like that  and came across this from a buddy of mine.. a deal i couldnt pass up.. got a few little things to fix up on it but its pretty cool.. 😁
General Discussion / Did you shoot today?
If so what did you shoot today?

Seen this on another forum.. thought i would start one here.. post what you shot today if you did any shooting.. and post any day you shoot if you want.. pic's are nice but not necessary..

For me i shot my savage stealth evolution today.. sent about 35 rounds down range at a 100 and 250 yards.. cant see my 300 or 430 yard targets do to the corn getting too tall.. the guns off tune just a little do to the aggressive cleaning i gave it here awhile back.. i think i need to go back to my original load.. will find out tomorrow as i loaded 10 rounds for it this evening..
General Discussion / Happy fathers day to me.. lol
I dont buy much for myself other than gun stuff and stuff that i need.. 😁 well here awhile back i was eating lunch in a little dinner and the guy cooking was doing it right behind the counter.. and was cooking everything on a big flat top grill.. he had that thing loaded down with food he was cooking.. i thought dang i would like to have something like that to cook on.. got to looking around on the ole interweb and flat top griddles are all over it.. so then i had to do some research on which one i should get.. watched several videos on guys cooking on them and decided to get a 36 inch royal gourmet flat top griddle.. and did.. it came today.. setting at the corner of my house.. usually stuff gets left on my front porch.. but this box is heavy.. about a 140 pounds.. i was worried about it being damaged during shipping but the box was in good shape.. i get a 2 wheel dolly and take it to the garage and put it together.. pretty easy task and went well.. its built great and i forsee many years of good eating coming off of it.. first meal will be breakfast saturday morning.. bacon. Eggs over easy. Hash browns.. pancakes and sausage.   :D

I dont get excited about much other than guns but im all smiles with this purchase..
Reloading / Doughnuts in the necks
What is the best approach to removing doughnuts in the necks?
While loading some lapua 6.5x284 cases i can feel a hard spot as i seat the bullet at the neck shoulder junction.. in the past i have dealt with this with a Forster inside neck reamer. Now with the ability to turn necks with a 21'st century lathe im wanting to tackle this problem from the outside of the necks.. my question is will my expander mandrel push all of that doughnut to the outside. ? Or should i go at it in two steps. As in pushing it to the outside and turning it off then resizing the neck. Use the expander on it again and turning it off a second time.. any advice is appreciated
General Discussion / Memorial day
Hope everyone has a safe and happy memorial day.  Thinking of the ones we've  lost today.. God Bless them all !! 🇺🇸
Reloading / aggravated with myself
i got some 190 berger vld's for my 280ai the other day and my initial ladder and load work up showed promise ... but put them on the back burner for a couple weeks... last week i decided to go ahead and finish my load for them so i cleaned my brass and processed it and loaded 40 of them and was going to work on seating with them... so i do but my groups are puzzling me... they would put 3 or 4 in and throw one out 3/4 of a inch... didnt matter what i did with seating... frustrating... the flyer was random.. meaning it might be the first shot or it might be the last or any in between... couldnt figure it out... kinda acted like a bedding problem... everything was tight on the gun... so i pulled the action and barrel off yesterday afternoon and redo the bedding job i had done on it even though it looked good... pulled it apart this morning and it looks good again... anyway i decide to deprime some brass i had that needs cleaned and was looking to make sure i didnt have any fired cases in ammo boxes that needed cleaned and one 0f my peterson 280 ai boxes had 20 missing from it... i looked around and couldnt figure out where they were... i was testing the 190's in hornady brass so their not in the box i had been testing with... but 20 cases dont just walk off... so i open the box i had been testing with that was throwing one out all the time and pulled a couple out and looked at the headstamp... yep both hornady... pulled a couple more and one hornady and one peterson... got to looking and the whole dang box is mixed up... grrrr...   no wonder im getting the dang flyers... guess thats what i get for not paying attention to what im
General Discussion / Participation!!!
As a moderator  i just want to encourage participation from the members of this forum.. whether you been a member for a long time or have just joined..
I've noticed alot of new members on now that seem to just lurk.. which is fine but feel free to speak up.. start a thread.. let us know your interest.. you have found this site for a reason.. share that with the forum if you like..doesnt matter if your a first time gun owner or have a 100 of them.. or whether your a reloader or your shooting factory ammo .. everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate.. if you have questions ask.. if you want advice.. ask.. someone here can answer about any question a person can come up with thats fire arm related.. if not someone will go out of their way to find the answer for ya.. just wanting everyone to know their input and participation is welcomed here..

Thanks .. grant
Hunting / That was fun
I got about a half acre pond out in my side yard.. i put a 100 catfish in it a few weeks ago and have been going out in the evening to feed them.. while feeding them i have been noticing that theirs a few green headed turtles poping their heads up out of the water..  ;D so this evening after i fed my fish i go get my little rpr22  and some shooting sticks along with a seat and go have me a seat out there and wait for them little heads to pop up.. i fired 5 shots and know for sure i got 2 of them as little pieces of turtle heads went flying up in the air then landing in the water.. and pretty sure i got two others.. im easily entertained... 😁
Bolt Action Rifles / 6 mm dasher
Been a good while since i screwed one together even though i have been wanting to for awhile.. but with the way components are i have been holding off.. dave sent me over the edge the other day when he listed his dasher for sale.. i had full intentions of taking the barreled action off his hands when he said he would part it out if need be.. what i didnt realize at the time was i couldnt run a magazine with the target action he had.. dang the bad luck.. any way the temptation  of it got the best of me so i ordered a 26 inch shilen select match barrel and tore apart a model 12 short action 22-250 i had for the action.. my barrel came this afternoon so i went to work on it.. put it in a orxy chassis and put a 8x32x56 hawke scope on it.. got a redding seating die for it yesterday.. still waiting on a forster full length competition sizing die.. still got to put a brake on it.. probably pull a jet blast off something and use it instead of buying another one.. probably be the weekend before i can shoot it but im excited to see what all the hype is about.. 😁
Gunsmithing / Full circle
Some may remember a couple years ago i bought a savage 111 in 6.5x284.. i struggled with that rifle to the point i tore it all down and ditched everything but the action and used it to build a 6.5x284 with a shilen barrel and mpa chassis.. the factory barrel on that rifle didnt have the rifling cut all the way out the end of the barrel.. which took me a good while to figure out.. any way i put the barrel and the accustock in the corner and forgot about them.. well a couple months ago i picked up a old flat top long action 30-06.. cheap.. bought it mainly for the action.. as im not a big fan of the ought 6 and its recoil.. so its just been kinda sitting around here.. so i decided to take the factory 6.5x284 barrel that was 26 inches and chopped it down to 22 inches to get rid of the rifling problem in the end of it.. squared the end up the best i could and took a coned dremel stone and hand turned a bit of a crown in it and screwed it into the old flat top.. but it all in the original accu stock and put a 4x16 hawke scope on it and loaded some 120 gr. Eldms with imr 4451 powder in hornady cases that wouldn't eject from my shilen barrel and shot it.. the cases ejected without issue.. for a middle of the road charge i throwed together for that bullet it shot 3/4 inch groups.. was expecting shot gun groups.. lol.. another hunting rig in the stable now.. the ole 6.5x284 has come full circle..  :D
Gunsmithing / learned something new today
its always a good day when ya learn something you didnt know... case in point... i was reading a article on my phone this afternoon about ruger continuing to make the marlin model 336.. which is cool in itself... but in the artical they was talking about things they hope ruger keep the same as the old marlin was and some things they could improve upon with it... and was also talking about some of the things on the 336 that were beter than the model 94 winchester lever gun and one of them being if you took the lever off the 336 the bolt would slide out of it and you could clean the bore from the breech end... didnt know that.. humpf!!!

so i get my 336 out and look it over... thinking do i take that lever out or  how many parts are going to fall out of there if i do... :-\   only one way to find out.. take the lever out so i slowly did... one screw held it in.. took it out and gently pulled it up out of the action... carefully looking things over as i did... once i got it out i put it right back in to make sure i could and it went right back in.. so im good to take it out... once the lever is removed i start pulling the bolt out and sure enough it slid right out... i decide to upright the gun in my gun vice so i can clean the bore and did ... to my suprise nothing fell out... woo hoo... get a cleaning rod and run a wet patch down the bore and was pulling the rod back out and heard a tink...ought oh...that cant be good... a little piece with a couple notches on it on one side and a piece of spring steel on the other...   im thinking crap... i start looking around in there and figure out where it goes i think but might as well finish cleaning it before i try to get it back in there...

i bought this gun used a few years ago and cleaned it up the best i could at the time but after tearing it down like i did today it was a mess inside the reciever .. the bolt all gunked up... after some serious cleaning and lubing a few places up in it i went to putting it back together... it actually went together pretty easy and worked like a charm... took it out and shot it at a box about 50 yards away and she shot good...  so if you have a old model 336 c and want to clean the bolt... it isnt that bad to do...  ;D 
General Discussion / Bored on a rainy day...
Light rain all day yesterday .. so im pretty much stuck inside for the day.. looking around for things to do in the man cave.. i have a 100 6.5 creedmoor cases ready to load but dont want to load them just yet as i just opened a new 8# jug of 4350 and want to verify the speed before i load a 100 of them and find out the new jug is faster or slower than the old one.. so thats on hold..
Daves going to like this part.. lol. I opened a new box of 190 grain berger hybrids for a 7mm and sorted them by base to ogive.. out of the hundred.. 99 of them checked within. 002.. 90 of them checked within a .001  :D  had one outlier  that measured .005 off of zero.. pretty dang good if you ask me.. i then loaded up a velocity ladder with 10 of them for my 280ai.. using rl23..

Got that all done and get my 6br out and got it setting in the gun vise and just dont like how it looks.. lol.. i painted the plastic on the orxy chassis awhile back in black and just didnt like it.. so being bored to death i decide to change it.. run to the local hardware store looking at spray paint and one jumps out at me... sunrise red.. 🤔 come home and take a extra set of panels for the orxy and paint them sunrise red.. let it cure till this morning and put them on the gun.. i like how it looks now.. lot better than all black.. 🙄

The sun is shining this morning so  i wont be stuck inside.. i will be out shooting.. 😁😁
Reloading / the pause!!!
the other day i was sizing cases with a redding body die and checked the first couple for shoulder bump and they were good so i had a 100 to size and started cranking them out pretty quick... after about 20 i checked the bump again and it hadnt bumped the shoulder... so i check a couple more and one wasnt bumped and the other was bumped a .001... target goal is i started checking all them i had sized and they was all over the place... some bumped some not some barely and i realized i was pushing the case up in the die and pulling it right back out... i know better but was in a hurry i guess.. so i start over giving them a 3 secound pause  before lowering the ram...  1001  1002  1003... remembering to give them the pause gave them a nice consistent .002 bump...this is important with seating bullets as well i have found... that pause creates consistency....sometimes we get too comfortable at the loading bench and forget the little things...    DONT FORGET THE PAUSE... ;)

holding that case in the die for a few seconds allows the brass to relax and take the shape you need it to....same with seating bullets... the pause allows the pressure on the neck and shoulder the bullet is putting on them to relax and hold the same each time...

the PAUSE   worth the time it takes.... ;D
General Discussion / blemished bullets
im going to try some blemished bullets... midway has 6.5mm 147 grain bullets in bulk packaging (500 count) on sale and availible... only people making 147 gr. bullets that i know of is hornady... i will sort them base to ogive and if i end up with 3 or 400 good ones i will be happy... tired of not being able to buy the stuff i want... so i will try other means... i also bought 300 . 103 gr. 6 mm blems... no clue who made them..  if none of them will shoot i will melt them down and make 44 mag or 45 acp bullets out of them.. lol

fed up with looking for components... 
Reloading / Ever seen this?
Was sizing some hornady 6.5 creedmoor brass this morning and sized this one and it didnt look right.. looked like a crack in the neck shoulder junction.. took my fingernail and sure enough a crack.. put a little pressure on the mouth with my finger and bent it over.. case has been body sized with a redding body die and neck sized with a lee collet die.. annealed each of the 4 cycles its been through.. neck turned after the first firing.. neck thickness on this one is 13 thousandths.. thought maybe i cut it to deep in the shoulder but it broke a hair above the shoulder.. any thoughts.. the rest of my cases look fine in this batch..