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Hunting / First blood with Weatherby Camilla 6.5 CM
I'll try and upload a picture of the coyote I shot at a measured 565 yd yesterday. I was using 123 HNDY SST. He popped up out of the river bottom and stood broadside. I pulled the first shot a little left when a puff of wind caught me, the second shot went between his legs and he moved about twenty yards closer. The third shot hit in the front of the chest as he was facing straight on. I thought he was on my side of the river but it took a bend and he ended up on the other side, so the picture is of him laying on the far shore. I forgot to add that the first bullet hit the yote just in front of the right hip. The third shot was the one that put him down.

Guess I don't know  how to add pictures!
General Discussion / Hornady 143 grain ELD-X Lot to Lot variances
Has anyone else noticed lot to lot variances with Hornady 143 Grain ELD-X bullets. I developed a lode that shoots 5/8" groups at 200 yards using 41 grains of H4350, COL 2.881. I use a micro-adjust bullet seating die I have marked for that load. Used up that box of 100 and bought another. Loaded the same load with the same setting on my micro-adjust die and the COL comes in at 2.911". That is too long for my action, and so I adjusted them back to 2.881" like my older load. They shoot just under an inch at 100 yards. That is totally unacceptable. So much for developing a load I can depend on!