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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
I bought a laminate Deep Creek Tracker from Alex recently, the wood coloring is very similar to Yours Bob. Shawn has a flat bottomed Bat B ordered for it. He doesn't expect to see the action until the first of the year so it will be awhile before I'm shooting it.
Wildcats / Re: 6 BRA tuning
Wanting to repeat around 30.0, hopefully I can get it tuned and get in some matches before the barrel gives up LOL

The wind was really coming to life as I shot this so I'm not too concerned about 29.9 Y

Reloading / Re: New Lapua SRP brass
Brass lots, brands, Powder lots etc. Lots of variables but with that being said there's a good chance you'll wind up back at 41.5 but you still need to work up to it.
Wildcats / Re: 6 BRA tuning
I'll also add we can try anything at home but until it proves out in actual competition it's not conclusive.
Wildcats / Re: 6 BRA tuning
My Sinclair works very well for the Borden but can get quirky on the Panda. The forend on the Panda is a whisker thinner and it does seem to track worse than the LRB in that rest.

I've got a JJ Loh coming as well as a Randolph. Both one owner like new at very good prices. So I'm going to test rests so to speak and after I'm satisfied there may be one or two for sale but I wouldn't bet on it. 😂
Wildcats / Re: 6 BRA tuning
It was still 85° at about 9 this evening but the wind was right so I shot them.

Oh yeah did you hear the one about the guy who thought something was wrong with his rest and spent $1,500 buying a couple more to try out 😂
Wildcats / 6 BRA tuning
Thought I'd share this ladder with you guys, I learned a lesson this evening. It's one of those lessons I think we all learn over and over again 😂

When something's not giving the desired results change something. With the limited tuning time I have nowadays I kept thinking I just hadn't quite found the tune with either gun. 1500 rounds through the 47L improved, 1100 rounds through the BRA and no big wins and a couple groups in the 1"s and most of my better finishes have come in score not group.

After my last match I came home with the intentions of swapping both barrels. I put the 6 BRA 7.25 twist Brux back on the Panda and was going to put the 3 groove 8 twist Lilja BRA back on the Borden but instead decided to switch powder lots and bullets and keep running the 4 groove 8 twist Lilja.

So the Panda / Brux 6 BRA shot decent with the 106 Roy's maybe a tenth off on powder and a thou or two off on seating. I think it will get back to shooting small with minimal testing.

The Borden / Lilja 4 groove I loaded up with Roy Hunter 103As and a lot of H4895 left over from 2018 in leftover sized brass from last August at the 600 Nationals.

The whole ladder was 2.1" wide x 2.4" tall, pretty sure it's gonna work LOL

Anyway here's the pic, I think I'll go .2 lower to 29.7 and work back up to 30.1 to see where it comes in and see if it repeats.

Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
That's perfect Grant now all you need do to test seating is seat the bullet deeper into the neck a thou or two at a time until you find the sweet spot.
Reloading / Re: 1000 yard velocity
Theirs 2 feet difference in wind deflection between 2500 and 2800 with a 10 mph cross wind at a 1000 yards.. we want to keep that wind deflection down all we can when were going deep

All true unless a person is sacrificing accuracy to gain velocity.

Shoot the most accurate node regardless of speed then dial or hold for the wind.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Alamo Precision Rifles
These are the "pains" of handmade custom versus "in stock"

Anyone who can't wait out the custom should buy off the shelf. I'll be the first to admit it's not easy to sit back, do nothing and wait for the call.

If I were to build a custom (semi) hunting gun I'd be very tempted to buy a Remington, Bat or BigHorn action set up for the Remage barrels then buy a stock, barrel & trigger and be the master of my destiny instead of the waiter. LOL 😂
Reloading / Re: 120 ELDM’s
I've never shot them and honestly I've never tried to tune the same barrel with a light and heavy bullet.
 I'd really like to see a 125 - 135 ELD X, it would make a nice do it all bullet that could carry some velocity without getting crazy over pressure IMHO.