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1st Kill with 6.5

Not much of a story but I made my first kill with the 6.5 on Saturday.  Shot a yote at 179 yards with Hornady Precision Hunter 143 gr. ELD-X.  Not up to some of you guys standards but I was happy.  I am loving this rifle more and more.  I may be hooked.

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Congratulations, varmints are never easy! 
Was that with a Browning X-Bolt - and if so, standard stock or the Macmillan Game Scout?

Re: 1st Kill with 6.5

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I wish every shot I ever took on an animal was under 50 yards. Makes it much easier. The 6.5 just makes it easier to reach out with confidence. Still, no hunting around here over 150. My first deer was with a 175 VLD Hunting at 148 laser measured yards at about 30 degree down angle. Held for 100 and placed the bullet right behind the poor does shoulders with a clean pass through. Tasty story, if I do say so myself.
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Congrats, hope you got a pic or two to share.
Did the 143 ELD-X make a mess of the yote ?
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I'm really liking the ELD X bullets.

I shot 2 yotes with the 143 ELD-X s a couple weeks ago, both @ 100 yards then an antelope @ 300 yards weekend before last.

I think if I could only have one 6.5 bullet the ELD X would be it. Total devastation on all 3, Ist hit on one of the coyotes low and it took a second round to end him but he wasn't going any where. The other dog and was DRT and the antelope took one step to the right just as the bullet hit him and he folded up DRT.

Everyone here will say I'm doing it wrong but I've never had a bang flop like that with a berger. If Hornady would make ELD X bullets in 6.5 130g for my 6.5 Lapuas and 6 mm 105 6x47 Lapuas I'd be all over them too.


Re: 1st Kill with 6.5

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Congrats.  Hope this one of many.  Thanks for posting and letting us know about the ELD-X.  Gonna try them this year.