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New 6.5 CM owner here

I am currently deployed over seas and was researching which firearm i wanted to buy myself for my return.  I decided on the DPMS in the 6.5cm and i am very excited to get home and shoot it.  I put a Nikon 6x18 scope on there to start.  I will see if i like it when i get home.  I am so dang excited to shoot it.  I just love seeing your pics and how well it shoots.  I do plan to reload for it and have the dies on order along with the hard to find ammo.  I actually found this site while trying to find some ammo to  glad i stumbled in here.  I will stop back with pics when i get some..  thanks again and hi from ND

Re: New 6.5 CM owner here

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Cant wait to see pics of how it shoots.
I have a DPMS 308 LR that is an excellent shooter and would love to try out one of their Creedmoor uppers.

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I want to say Thanks for what you've been asked to do over there. Your the last line of peace and defense in this world. When you get back and shooting you'll need to send some pics of your rig  and such.

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Thanks for the nice things you said.. and believe me i can't wiat to post pics.  Thats prolly one of the first things i will be doing... that is if i can talk the little lady into it... lol

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I just wanted to join the others and say THANK-YOU for Your Service.
Overseas.... it's a HUGH world, which fact really hit home as my M.D. Mom was with WHO during my Teen Years...
The USA IS a Most Unique Country and I and my Family Thank-You.

Congrats on the DPMS in 6.5 CM... I have been shooting the 6.5x55mm Swede for about 25 years....LOVE the 6.5 projectiles!!
Current project is an AR built on TNW's Upper and Lower  ( deciding on a barrel manf.

I am a Native Orygonian (Tho I now Live in Orange County NY) and when I saw TNW's AR parts ( They are out of Vernonia, OR) I just Had to have their Upper and Lower as the heart of my project AR!!

Well, before I bore everybody to death, I will bid adieu for now and if You are back Home by now, Welcome Back!!

With Best Regards,

PS: Make sure and let us know how the DPMS is doing!!