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New to the group

Hi all,
  I am just getting into performance shooting and what can I say other than…”I’m hooked”.  I have been around guns all my life but not until recently did I get into the reloading aspect of rifle cartridges.  All of my reloading was with my dad as a kid pumping out 38spl to practice with in the 357s.  Now that I am older and much more patient, only after having kids can you gain true patients, I can truly appreciate the art of the reload but I am still learning.  I have that feeling that there is so much I still need to know and learn about reloading….  I started reloading on my teenage deer fifle.  It is a  Weatherby in 270 WIN.  Bedded the action and floated the barrel in a custom stock with a match trigger.  I spent some time tuning the ammo to match the barrel and I was able to get some really good results…for me at least.  Bad part is that is has started my addiction.  Now the target is always too close and the groups are always too large!  This brings me to my newest rifle in the family.  She is a DPMS 308 lower with a JP trigger I spent many hours on getting it just right.  I topped it off with a DPMS 6.5 Creedmoor upper with a 1-8.5 HEAVY barrel.  I started to go bolt action but the ar 10 platform is just too darn sexy to pass up.  I am sure I will be building another precision bolt action rifle so now I will focus on what this 6.5 can do…….
Look forward to learning and sharing with all of you!
Ryan V.

Re: New to the group

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I agree the AR platform is sexy, but I find I'd probably shoot more than I could reload. I'm stuck on bolt guns. I had a Mini 14 in the Clinton era, shot alot, cause of the scare but since sold and never looked back. I figured if their going to come and get them, they'll get'm.
Oh by the way Welcome :). Let me know the loads you eventually end up with.