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As a moderator  i just want to encourage participation from the members of this forum.. whether you been a member for a long time or have just joined..
I've noticed alot of new members on now that seem to just lurk.. which is fine but feel free to speak up.. start a thread.. let us know your interest.. you have found this site for a reason.. share that with the forum if you like..doesnt matter if your a first time gun owner or have a 100 of them.. or whether your a reloader or your shooting factory ammo .. everyone is welcomed and encouraged to participate.. if you have questions ask.. if you want advice.. ask.. someone here can answer about any question a person can come up with thats fire arm related.. if not someone will go out of their way to find the answer for ya.. just wanting everyone to know their input and participation is welcomed here..

Thanks .. grant

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This place has been a wealth of information...I found this place after acquiring my first 6.5 Creed...the collective knowledge here is unprecedented concerning everything 6.5 has been a eye opener for me and a confidence builder for me to  load my own for the first time...I will have several posts in the coming weeks with my results...both on paper and hide.

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Absolutely Rick, my reloading while not near perfect enough, has really improved thanks to the members on here. I have bazillions of forums that I have used over the years, ( not just shooting related ) and this is the first place I log in to. Thanks everyone.


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Hi, I'm shy, but I like guns