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Dance Card Starting to Get Full

Leave tomorrow for my place in TN.  TN archery opens 27 SEP.  Focus on my step-daughter.  Prep was done months ago.  Will check camera cards and make final adjustments.  Have observed a couple good ones and want her to connect. LA veterans hunt on private land, any firearm 10-16 OCT.  LA primitive and gun openers follow. TN muzzleloader 7-20  NOV.  My favorite hunt.  Rut is wide open then.  Will bounce back and forth and rifle hunt from Thanksgiving to New Year's.  My favorite time of the year.

Think the Wildlifers TV show on Pursuit Channel will play the episode they filmed last October of Niki and Dianna.  Should be good TV.  Both took great bucks, one shot kills.  Proud of them.  Six years ago, neither had ever fired a rifle.  They were putty in my hands.  Have killed a lot of quality deer since, put several on the wall and provided a lot of venison.  I am winding down and it makes me very happy when those new to the sport are successful. 
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Re: Dance Card Starting to Get Full

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Good luck for all on the TN hunts.  Just got news from my daughter & S-i-L that they are pulling the plug in CA, they sold their mountain home and moving to TN.  Sort of like the reverse Clampets.
They already invited me for a TN

Tomorrow I'll be finished loading my truck for WY hunt number 1.  The small freezer is going into the back seat of the crew cab.  Got food shopping done today checked final zero on rifles.  Generator in the compartment.  Water jugs clean & full.  Tools all accumulated.  Been busy got clothes bags to fill.

Hope to leave at daylight Monday morning and plan to spend an overnight in Bowman ND (580 m).  Tues another 400 miles then look for a place to set up camp on BLM land.  Couple days to scout and opener on Friday.  Hope the antelope cooperate!
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Re: Dance Card Starting to Get Full

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Bowman ND is 65 miles west of my SD home. Im there this evening but will be headed back north monday morning.

Good luck to all you guys who get to start hunting. I won't get to hunt until mid November unless I get an archery tag.