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Bought one

I got frustrated in finding the perfect riflescope for close to that $1000 mark + a bit.  All the scopes have something not right with them, and I think it may be done on purpose to promote the flagship versions. ( just like in the automotive industry )

I closed my eyes and bought an Athlon Ares BTR gen 2 in mil. Hope it works good.  I don't have it mounted up yet as the MDT Elite rings are supposed to be in next week, around Wednesday. My 10 minutes of looking it over at home and here are my initial impressions.

The turrets click just fine, plenty of feel and sound. The marks line up about 95%, always just barely off to one side. The turrets do not feel as nice as a PST2 or SHV that I handled in the store.

The eye box feels a bit tight at 20x + Its hard to know for sure when its not mounted but it should be ok I hope.

Illumination is nice. With the levels provided, it should be good for hunting at low mag near dusk/dawn, otherwise not needed. Illumination on the SHV was not great, bleeding everywhere. ( blooming?) Also I feel the reticle on the Ares is nicer to look through, seems less cluttered, and has a nice open center, and does not have the 1/2 mil lines, should be better for hunting.

I was going to try a Vortex Strike Eagle 5-25x56, but when I went to compare it to a PST2 5-25, the PST was broke new on the shelf. Only the lower half of the illumination worked. Turned me off to say the least. Its a shame as I wanted the locking turrets of the Strike Eagle and the supposedly bigger eye box, plus it was $100 cheaper. I feel the BTR 2 glass is a bit better, and tracking on the Ares BTR is supposed to be spot on, time will tell I guess.

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The MDT Elite rings look nice. Let us know what you think when you get them.

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Sure, I will try and get some pics too.

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Grrr, local store had the MDT stuff come in, of course the rings I want are backordered 2-6 weeks.
So I found a set for an extra $24 shipping, hopefully have them in a few days.
I did get a Butler creek flip up for the front today, number 40 fits, but its tight.

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MDT Elite rings.
Finish is great, the bubble level is only really good for rifle/scope installation as it is not visible once the scope is mounted.  The way MDT says to tighten the top rings works fantastic in keeping the scope level, was probably the easiest I have ever done.
I put my rifle in the Tipton, and used my Fenix 36R to shine through the scope backwards onto a white paper, with a plumb bob dangling in front of it.