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Garbage in....Garbage out!

My wife calls me a hoarder.  When I tore apart the Palomino camper I saved the lift mechanism for the roof.  Dug out the pieces behind the shed and built a frame work for a "new" portable rest.
Had to invest in a chunk of plywood and a couple of carriage bolts but still have less than $14 in it.
Then another light bulb came on.....why not try my hand at a Finnlander noise suppressor?
Thought about making a plywood box but behind the shed there stood two "Rubbermaid" garbage cans that we used to keep potting soil in......mmmm
Couple of brackets from the camper and the axle from the can....instant rear mount...
A little foam from and old mattress pad...voila...a

Next, destroyed the old concrete block bench, leveled the dirt for the portable.  Aligned the "can" with the target frame......plan coming together?

Long story short,  had to load three rounds for the Creedington, told my wife to listen if it was any quieter.   Bang....quieter at the bench...but blew the cover off.    Snapped it back on with the "locks" closed....blew it off again....tied a strap tight across the face.........blew it off again....went in for supper!

Found a chunk of plywood in the cover in the works....the plastic garbage can & cover were real "soft" in the hot sun....stretched themselves apart during the muzzle blast pressure....we have to see what the next experiment brings???
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Randy you are a genius!

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Randy i have about a 6 foot long piece of 36 inch ribbed plastic pipe i have often tried to think of a way to mount it up on my shooting platform.. still havnt figured out how to get it up there.. and secured 12 feet off the ground.. also afraid with my braked guns it would direct all the blast back on me.. lol

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Very nice!

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Well, my wife said; "I could have left the patio door open...what a difference...the dog didn't even jump!"

That says a lot to thinking it works ok.
After a trip to Duluth for my wife's eye appointment and dinner at Outback got a late start on the plywood cover.  Put a bunch of scraps together and got out to try it about 5:00.   Of coarse nothing fresh loaded but found a few 6.5 Creed loaded for another one that has been dismantled.  Grabbed the 24" Savage with a brake.  First three in .31 with 5 topping out at .70...ok for me.

Grant the brake seemed to stain up the foam rubber right off the bat and some powder smoke seemed to "whoosh" back but not unpleasant by any means.
The smoke did linger in the can for a little bit so reading the target through the smoke was not immediate either.

Now I'm wondering what the neighbors heard and they could tell the difference also.  Good people.
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Patent time!