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Although have read in the past about movement from recoil in heavy magnums, probably not the best choice for a 338 knows maybe they were not even torqued correctly.

Both the regular Burris 2 bolt rings without inserts and the signature xtr rings have not moved at all on my 300rum.
It is a unbraked rifle and weighs 8.5 pounds with the scope shooting 225-240 grain bullets at just under 3100fps. It's kicks like a mule and the scope has never moved. Rings where torqued to 18inch lbs and held up for just about 800 rounds. Just recently switched to the xtr rings to get some extra adjustment on my scope to stretch it out even further.
Recoil is almost identical to a unbraked 10.5lb 338 lapua shooting 300 grain bullets. Not too many people shooting them unbraked. So the Burris rings should be no problem if installed properly on a lapua mag.

Re: Used optics

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Thanks for all the suggestions. Between me , a local gun shop and the owners manual ( those things are such a pain lol ) I just put 3 shots touching each other 1 inch high and 1 inch left of center .at 100 yards . Almost there .