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I have a question for the experts.  I killed my first deer with my 6.5 on Monday.  It was a weird angle.  He was about 100 yds quartering away.  What made it a little different was he was looking back at me so his shoulder was turned toward me a little.  I was aiming for an exit wound in the off side shoulder.  All this took place in a matter of seconds as he was chasing does and about to vacate the neighborhood.  The bullet hit a little high going through a rib and exited going through the off side rib as well.  The way he was turned actually made it pass through somewhat like a broadside shot, but also with some angle.  Not a good description but maybe you can get what I am trying to explain.  He folded on the spot.  But when I started observing the exit wound it was only about the size of a penny.  Closer inspection lead to finding the jacket just under the skin and a small piece of fragmented lead.  I am assuming the majority of the lead is what made the small exit wound.  Now this was a pretty good size deer for our area.  Probably around 150 pounds.  Now my question is this: Should I be concerned with the bullet separation or right it off being it passed through 2 pretty good size rib bones?  I know he was DRT but I would like to hear from some folks that have killed more game with it.  Thanks.


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I'm a big fan of the 143 ELDX and at twice the cost I'm sure a bonded bullet may have held up better but going through two bones is going to damage a bullet. It sounds to me like the bullet did it's job well. Out of several deer and a couple antelope I've never recovered an ELDX and they've always done their job effectively.

For deer sized game and smaller I would not be concerned with your experience.


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I have seen 2 failure to expand, experienced one and heard personally from 2 others that their ELD-X failed to expand.

These were various calibers, 7mm WSM, 308, 300 WSM, 300 WM and distances from less than 100yds out past 700yds, deer and elk.

I am not gaga over the ELD-X, I want to punch holes in paper, not animals.
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