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Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Leupold CDS
How does the CDS. System work.  ? Any pics of the dials?  Does the reticule move further per click as the range increases?
Sorry for my ignorance. 
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: The Diet Creedmoor.
Thats totally useful velocity.  I'm thinking about an 18 1/2" barrel so I wouldn't run into any short barrel restrictions if I take the rifle down to S.E. Alaska for winter deer hunting.  A 120 gr bullet at 2700 fps would be great. 
Reloading / Re: 129 Interbond Powder?
I chronographed some 129 gr SST Superformance factory ammo . It was rolling along at 2930 with the first shot being in the 2890's Fromm the 26" barrel on my Hawkeye SS. I thot that was very good as the rifle an ammo was -40°F. I did have higher pressure from the barrel being contracted in the cold.  . I don't know what it would have been with cold ammo and a warm rifle. 
Reloading / Re: crushing case when seating bullets !!!
I had the same problem when I started loading for my 375 Ruger I backed out the die a little and it worked great.  But then I had to get the crimp right. That took me some time. But I had been spoiled with the Lee factory crimp die.  . I finally got it right with the seater/ crimper and I was able to make great ammo.  But I wrinkled a bunch of cases before I got it.
I was able to recover most all the cases I wrinkled
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Round vs Flat Bottomed Actions
WOW. that definatly exceeded the 20 minute attention span.  But,  that's OK.  . . If we always shot in a dead calm,  no mirage condition then the machine advantages we have in modern bolt actions would prevail.  However. Real world conditions play a major part.  I firmly believe that most factory rifles can far out shoot their shooters when shot from field positions.  Not including short bipods on benches for pdog shooting.  That doesn't detract from the discussion but does lend itself to how much accuracy can be utilized. 
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Ruger Hawkeye Problems
Because of the fixed ejector you kinda need to pull the bolt all the way back.  The faster u pull it back the further it will pitch the brass.  But,  it could be an extractor problem. 
General Discussion / Re: Opinions on too much scope for a Ruger?
 My factory Ruger Hawkeye 6.5 Cm is a half inch or less rifle.  And that's using a MTM plastic rest with a 4-12 Nikon Pro Staff.  At 30 below zero. 
I get real sick of guys dishing Ruger.  NightForce Scopes sure are nice. 
General Discussion / Re: Type of Action on your Creed:
Stainless Ruger Hawkeye.  Thats the reason I got a Creedmoor.  It was in the action I use.  I wanted the 28" barreled VT model but one wasn't available when I was ready for the rifle.  The 6.5 Creedmoor,  like the 260 and 6.5x55 is about the ideal winter rifle. But rotating extractors and plunger ejectors can have big problems in the cold.  As can complex trigger systems when the rifle takes a dunk in overflow at 30 below.  Ruger's are just plain bone tough. Mine wants to shoot sub half inch groups.  I'm the problem in it being accurate.  I look at it like I saved lots of money to put in my new 570 Bearcat fund. 
General Discussion / Re: McGowan
I've had some McGowan barrels.  I really like them.  Harry McGowan was a great guy to talk to.  I'm planning on getting a 28" 6.5 Cm in the 8" twist from them in stainless.  I think their barrels are Cryonized.  As I shoot my rifles in the cold,  like down to 50 below. I like that the barrel has already spent plenty of time in the cold.  Steel does funny things in the cold .
I've read of too many guys that had high dollar barrels that don't shoot any better than the factory barrels on the rifles I have.  I like McGowan barrels.