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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: fps with a 22 in barrel
 I'm kindof a chronograph nut.  Not that I'm into real high dollar chronographs but they are very useful tools.  An F1 Shooter's Chrony will save a lot of $ worth of ammo and it will tell you if you are walking on the wild side. . Or if you just have too much pressure and not enough speed.  You should be getting 2650 fps with 120 gr bullets from a 22" . But the only way you will know is either a chronograph of do a lot of long range shooting then consult a quality drop table for your bullet. 
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / Re: Leupold CDS
How does the CDS. System work.  ? Any pics of the dials?  Does the reticule move further per click as the range increases?
Sorry for my ignorance. 
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: The Diet Creedmoor.
Thats totally useful velocity.  I'm thinking about an 18 1/2" barrel so I wouldn't run into any short barrel restrictions if I take the rifle down to S.E. Alaska for winter deer hunting.  A 120 gr bullet at 2700 fps would be great. 
Reloading / Re: 129 Interbond Powder?
I chronographed some 129 gr SST Superformance factory ammo . It was rolling along at 2930 with the first shot being in the 2890's Fromm the 26" barrel on my Hawkeye SS. I thot that was very good as the rifle an ammo was -40°F. I did have higher pressure from the barrel being contracted in the cold.  . I don't know what it would have been with cold ammo and a warm rifle. 
Reloading / Re: crushing case when seating bullets !!!
I had the same problem when I started loading for my 375 Ruger I backed out the die a little and it worked great.  But then I had to get the crimp right. That took me some time. But I had been spoiled with the Lee factory crimp die.  . I finally got it right with the seater/ crimper and I was able to make great ammo.  But I wrinkled a bunch of cases before I got it.
I was able to recover most all the cases I wrinkled