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Hunting / Re: Moose, Bear, Deer
A 6.5 Creedmoor with a 130 or 140 grain TOUGH/STRONG bullet. TSX, A-Frame, GMX, ect will work every bit as well as a 270 Win , 280 Rem, 30/06 on brown bear.
  It's all about shot placement.
 Put a good bullet @ 2400 fps impact velocity in the right spot and the bear will be on the ground.
 Even the 300 mags require precise shot placement for them to work effectively. That's why many people claim the 06 kills bear as well as the 300. Meaning fewer shots to get and keep a bear on the ground. Most people tend to shoot the 06 better than they do a 300.
  Even the 338 and 375s need pretty good shot placement.
  The 416s and 458 Win , Lott, ect. Give much more fudge room and still provide spectacular one shot kills.
  Nothing shy of a 416 is an actual ( Brown Bear gun) but the 375s do pretty good.
  But shooting a lightly constructed bullet in the Creed. And pokin a brown bear with it is just a real bad idea.
Hunting / Re: Ammunition question/problem.
 The Accubond and the Sirocco2 are 2 plastic tip bullets that alter the results most high bc plastic tip bullets have.
 Why Hornady quit making the InterBond is beyond me.
General Discussion / Re: New Acquisition - A Creedmoor Leap of Fate
 The barrel on my 6.5 is just a factory Ruger stainless barrel. But it does shoot very well some of the shots I've accomplished while hunting with the rifle are truly impressive. So I don't want to burn it out playing around. But I do need to get going on the long range shooting and hitting. From our place I can see far enough to pop a yote out to 700 yards. But I'm not even remotely ready for such a shot.
  With the different barrel lengths I can duplicate the velocity of my carbine with a low node load in the rifle barrel. Get me closer and closer to knowing what's goin on out there and how to do it.
  At this point I'm good to 400 with the carbine. I want to be this good to 700
General Discussion / Re: aftermarket stocks
Welcome to the Creedmoor forum.
 I'm another very satisfied Boyd's laminated stock customer.
 If you are after a sawn lumber wood stock , Boyd's also makes those.
 I don't do sawn lumber stocks any more. So I am not much help there and would always try to talk someone out of going that route.
 But I love laminated stocks.
General Discussion / Re: New Acquisition - A Creedmoor Leap of Fate
  I think you have a great plan.
 One easy way to add weight is a Heavy bipod. That's mainly why I keep the bipod on my carbine. Adds enough weight out front to steady out some tremors when shooting from field positions.
 I actually want to do the same thing only reversed. I want to shoot the heck out of a target/precision rifle so I get better at distance and in the wind with my hunting carbine.
  Since the Hawkeye Precision comes with a Cro Mo barrel. I won't feel bad about burning it out so I can rebarrel it with a good stainless barrel.

  If u put a couple pounds of lead ingots on each leg of your bipod you will use for practice. Or attach a short pic rail section to each leg and use1" or 30 mm round stock lead in a scope ring , attached to the pic rail sections on the bipod.
 There are many options for gaining rifle weight.
General Discussion / Re: New Acquisition - A Creedmoor Leap of Fate
That sounds like a logical plan, and the fact that your wife likes it as well is all to the better.
I’ve been thinking along the same lines as far as simplifying and having one caliber for hunting and match. I have a Sako carbonlight in .243 and two target rifles, both are Tikka CTRs in .308 and 6.5 CM. So my plan is to put a new barrel on the carbonlight and get rid of one of the CTRs. Just can’t decide whether to go .308 or 6.5 CM. I like the barrel life and flexibility for hunting deer or elk of the 308, but the recoil and ballistics of the CM are better. I will mainly be shooting within about 500 yds so the ballistics are not a critical. It may come down to the best deal I can find on a Sako donor barrel (from a Tikka T3).

 6.5 is fine for elk. Just put a good bullet where it needs to go and you have a dead elk.
Reloading / Re: 6.5 Stabal test
 Good to see some testing with the 65StaBal.
  The ease of metering will be great.
 Anyone done any testing of this powder in the 6.5 Creedmoor yet ?
 I just saw it on Hodgdon's site this evening.
General Discussion / Re: Newbie
 They would be awesome in an 8" twist 22/250 I think.

 But I'm NOT going to get an 8" twist 22/250. Nope. I probably have all the cartridges I need . I do think that would make a dandy fine rig tho.
 3400 fps with the 70 gr tsxbt. That would be a pretty fine load.
General Discussion / Re: Newbie
 Kansas; what twist did your 223s have ?
  I have never had problems with any Barnes. X, XLC, TSX or TTSX bullets expanding.

 But I do agree to push them fast !
 I was unimpressed with the SST performance. But it would probably work great on deer. I also think the 120-130 gr bullets are perfect on ruminate up to 400 lbs out to 4 or 500 yards.
AR Variants / Re: First attempt at camo paint job on AR10
 Yes it looks great. Thanks for the info on the process. I'm thinking to do a couple AR 15. And I'de like to paint my 6.5 with something more permanent than Rustoleum.
  Something multi seasonal with a strong leaning to winter.  Since its snow on the ground for more than half the year. Something like a dead aspen tree. Or a piece of a spruce snag.
Reloading / Re: Where are the lands? A measurement technique comparison
Good question longhair and i think you are corect.. the ejector pin will have the case pushed as far forward as it can be.. so finding the lands with it removed with the bolt allows the case to be as far to the rear as it can be. (Against the bolt face) so their is a few thousandths discrepancies there.. good point..

 I'm glad Longhair brought this up.
 As I shoot fixed ejector actioned rifles . I have not encountered a lot of these situations.
 Granted there are many things in this forum I still don't unnerstan. 😞
  It makes me wonder how I've gotten the groups that I have.
  Another devision of (llc) of the company I work for. Is a fabrication shop. They got a line boring machine in a couple months ago. They will be using it when rebuilding the pivot holes on excavator boom and buckets. They had it dialed in to where they only could ( and Needed to) take off 2 thousandths . 30 inches from the end of the bearing face.
 That kinda put my reloading into perspective for me.
  Please understand that I finally got a case trimmer after more than 30 years last winter. And I figured I was in TALL cotton 😀.
  But I'm learning all kinds of stuff.

 Good thread !