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Hunting / Caribou down
 Finally after a couple years of nuthin.
General Discussion / Re: Trailer mods.
Looks Real Good !!
 With the insulation in the walls now, that would warm up good with a propane heater. Course they make condensation. But it's nice to cut the chill on a fall day.
 The work looks great.
 Having some solar panels , a small bank of batteries and an inverter would really be even greater.
Hunting / Re: Ammunition question/problem.
 That (dead zone) is my favorite shot with my normal deer rifles. 338 Win mag thru 458 Win mag. 2nd fav is top of the neck.
 But a good high lung shot is a sure winner.
 With the big rifles , they make enough shock wave that they knock the deer down and out . gives enough time to walk up and slit their throat or pop them in the head with a pistol.
AR Variants / Re: Short Barrel AR
If everything else would quit happening I would have a couple 16" Creedmoor s .
 For an AR10 , I'm thinking to start with a lighter weight 18"  If it works well, I may go shorter.
AR Variants / Re: Reliable Cycling Case Prep
 Welcome to the Creedmoor forum !
 What brand is your AR10 6.5 Creedmoor ?
 I'm interested in getting one of the PSA 65s but would prefer one with an 18" barrel. As I will be using it for hunting.
General Discussion / Re: Cabin Fever
Old Wolf,
 Last black bear I remember shooting, I used The Spruce King. My 458 Winchester built on a stainless Ruger M77 Mk2.  300 gr Barnes X bullet @ 2700 fps mv. It's quite the slaughter firearm. I hate looking for bears in the brush.
 1 shot stops are the norm regardless the species, size or temperament of the bear.
General Discussion / Re: 6.5CM Barrel Life?
KRC I have a Savage 12FV with close to 5000 rounds through it now. Shot mostly RL16   41.9g and Hornady  147 ELD-M at long range. It has always been a 1/2 MOA gun and still is, sometimes better. The only thing bad or wrong with it now is it has lost about 80 fps in velocity since new with this load. Also if you borescope forward of the chamber a few inches it looks like hell (bricks with no mortar) I've never chased the rifleing with this gun and it doesn't seem to matter. It just shoots good. I'm trying to include a photo of last week shooting target with 338 Lapua and 6.5 CM, I was testing Midway 147 blems at 400 yards. Not bad for a shot out gun, (the CM). At about 4000 rounds I was looking at what it may cost to get it rebarreled and then Cabelas had them on sale again for about 350 so I just bought another one to compare this one against.  Reg price is around 420....I'm going to just keep shooting it for a while longer. HB
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  That is pretty Awesome for that kind of round count with blems. At 400.
 I don't think I could do that good at 400 with the best components and technique.
  The encouraging thing is that your barrel is still wackin them right in there.
  For a homesteader like me anyway.
General Discussion / Re: Switching sides
  Sorry to hear of this Chris.
 A good friend got the shingles vaccine and it messed him up real bad. He went from relatively healthy and active to needing a walker and assistance with simple daily tasks like carrying a bag of grocerys up 1 flight of stairs.
  He was a very active recreational rifle and handgun shooter and hasn't been able to shoulder much more than his Nylon 66. And that causes great pain.
  It's been very humbling for him because he was always stronger than average and a well above average off hand rifle shot.
 He would consistently bust 4 clay birds in about 7 seconds, stood up on the 200 meter backstop off hand. No sling , no sticks, . With his 416 Rem model 700.
 Anyway . It's a tough break all the way around. But great to hear you are getting better!
  I think an auto loader like a 22 rf or AR 15 would be a good place to start.
General Discussion / Re: Spring is knocking
I have a patio, sidewalk and carport floor for my firewood shed to pour this spring/summer. I haven’t even considered forming it up quite yet. I waited on my concrete guy last year because I had the other sidewalk stamped and wanted the new one to match but he never got to it I may just pour it myself this year.

 There ya go. Just make sure u have enough good people on hand. Few things worse than a concrete pour and being short handed.
General Discussion / Re: Moose crossing
Had to park the truck to wait for this one to decide to get off the road..

And , tho a different topic. Why I got into the 6.5 Creedmoor !
 I have an XL hand