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Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
With scope, around 8 lbs. Ide put a brake on it.
 The Ruger Frontier rifle in 358 Winchester was my first choice. But of course Ruger stopped making them.
Wildcats / Re: 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
 That's the thing, my wife's Ruger Compact in 308 is the easiest thing in the world to have with. Trucks , 4 whlr , snowmachine or just packin it.
 Except it's a 30 caliber . I HATE 30 CALIBER RIFLES !!!  So , I don't take it with.
 Plus , it's not really a thumper.
Wildcats / 338 RCM or 358/6.5 PRC
 So. I'm getting a hankering for another carbine. But this one needs to have some Thump to it.
 I want a 338 - 375 cal bullet , at least 225 gr going at least 2650 fps. From a 16.5 " barrel.
 Built on a stainless Ruger M77 Mk2 or Hawkeye action.
General Discussion / Re: Nature's Best (pics)
I wasn't aware that BE's will eat carrion.  Great pic!

 Oh ya. They are eating machines. They will eat anything that will hold still long enough .  They also hunt. But will generally take the easiest meal they can find. It's pretty cool watching them fish. They keep an eye on whales and sea lions and seals . And are in the air in the vicinity when those marine mammals are fishing.
  Often the marine mammals swim under a school of herring or salmon , and the fish swim up to the surface. Iggles swoop down and grab their groceries.😁
 But they will also clean up a deer gut pile in short order.
 Same with watching wolf packs.
 Iggles are equal opportunity eaters. I've seen them catch mice, kill and eat ravens and seagulls and ducks and fish. They will make lunch of your chickens too.
 And kill fawns, Mt Goat kids and Dall sheep lambs. Cats and puppies are fair game for them too.
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
 Some friends at church gifted us with the $$$$ for roofing. If the weather holds I should be putting it on by Friday.
 1st pic is quitting time tonight.
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
This bull is really good ! First bull bou I can remember that has good tasting fat. !
 Usually it's a bit strong.
 Had steaks for dinner tonight. Yum yum !
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
Processed the bou last night. That 1 bull produced around 120 lbs of finished meat.
 Gave 1 ham hip and part of the back / full quarter, to our neighbor. They super appreciated it.
 Odd how some people turn up their nose to caribou. It's Really good if done right. And Not in the rut!
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
In the spring I'll prolly tear off the felt and sheath over the osb with 5/8 cdx Then 15 lb felt then metal roofing.
 For right now its a choice between Insulation or roofing. Insulation wins at this time of year!
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
Lots of work....looking good....
You need a crew to throw the roof sheathing up and the shingle bundles.  Or are you going with a metal roof?

 Weelllll, that's going to be kinda different.
 House wrap will go onto of the rafters. Peak to eave. Stapled tight to the blocking.
 Then 2x2s get spiked on top of each rafter.Then the roof deck. OSB for now. Then the felt. I'm going to do a layer of regular 15 lb felt/ tar paper then a layer of the new synthetic felt paper.  Plastic cap stapled tight. Then let the snow cover it for the winter. Same snow will be on there For at least 6 months . It gives a continuous 1 1/2" vent between the insulation and the roof deck. NO ICE DAMS!! And allows any moisture that gets in the insulation dry up into th vented space.
 Just going to need good squirrel screens in the soffit box.
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
 Now I'm back to the house. .
 Quitting time tonight.
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
 A coworker of my wife's is a butcher at the slaughter house/custom meat packing place here in Delta. Busy guy. He is going to help me cut it up tomorrow evening. Help will be GREAT especially from someone that does it for a living.
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
How did the 338 jolt your shoulder?....i think i just flinched...

Happy thing. As I haven't been shooting at all to speak of for 2 yearsish. Not the Creed, or much of anything.
 So my recoil log switched back to my younger days when the 338s were the littlest rounds I hunted and shot. I've run over 2,000 rounds thru my current 458. And close to that many thru all my previous 458s . Not sure how many thru all the 416s I've had and hunted. But prolly similar # of rounds. Same with the 375 . and as this is my 12th 338 win mag. Used to be all I did was Fall timber, thin trees,and shoot . And the smallest cart I shot was 338 Winchester.
 When I checked the zero on the Kimber. I was amazed at how little it recoiled compared to what I remembered.
 My left shoulder/ arm is improving all the time. But still not like it used to be. But that is one place where it being around 7 lbs helps me. But I'm still out of practice. And am spoiled by the trigger on my Creed.

 All in all , its great!
Hunting / Re: Caribou down
Congrats, I've had moose but not caribou, let us know how what it tastes like..
The moose was like very lean beef - almost needed some help flavor-wise, no gamish taint.

 Alot depends on how quick it was killed and how well it was taken care of. But yes it's very lean