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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: new rifle
well as I said yesterday I wanted to try 42 grains of rl 15 in this gun and it did just what I thought it would.. or I should say hoping it would do and that was tighten up some... and it did just that. loaded 4 of them and 3 of them made a nise little clover leaf and the fourth was a 1/4 inch high... this gun will shoot ... so much for being disappointed in it in the beginning... still waiting on that dang boyds stock for it...
General Discussion / Re: finding accuracy
I'm sure it would fuzzbuster... but I guess it would show the true size of a guns grouping... think ive watched probably every bonnie and clyde movie ever made... a classic for sure... the car was riddled full of looked like a screen door....
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: new rifle
ctf in Indiana we cant use the 6.5 creedmoor to deer hunt with but we can a 243 and 308..a couple other calibers too... that's the only reason I didn't go with it in a creedmoor... it shot the rl 15 ok but I will do a work up with h414 and the 65 grain pill as well I think it will do better...
General Discussion / finding accuracy
I read a interesting article in a book last night at barnes and noble... the book was called reloading for accuracy I think... the article was about shooting groups after you found a load you liked.... the article stated instead of hanging a single target and shooting a 5 shot group at it to hang to identical targets one in front of the other... shoot five at it then remove the front target and hang another one covering the one you left on the board identicaly... and do this five times... shoot 5 five shot groups leaving you with five targets with five shots each in them and one target with all 25 shots in it and that one would show you your true grouping... I found that pretty interesting and plan on trying it.... it also stated their is no such thing as a flyer... its all part of the guns group and the 25 shout target will show that...
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: new rifle
messed around with my rap a little today... testing rl15 with a 65 grain vmax...max load is 41.7 but I didn't see no pressure signs at 41.7 .. kinda hard to do a ocw test when its 95 out barrel wouldn't cool down.... 40.5 and 41.7 were 4 shot groups and the rest 3 shot groups... think I will go to 42 and see if that tightens things up a little or will play with seating depth on the 41.7... all these were 20 off the lands
Reloading / Re: Case Trimmer
I know its not a manual trimer but I picked up a Frankfort arsenal case prep center a couple months ago and I'm very happy with it... it trims off the shoulder and after fireforming trims pretty much exact length.. however I have noticed that different brands of brass trim a little different... I guess the shoulder angle is slightly different on some ..
Reloading / difference in reloading manuals
I picked up the hornady 9th edition last night at a lgs and when I got to comparing load charges to my modern reloading 2nd edition by Richard lee the loads in the hornady manual were quiet a bit lighter in some charges... some as much as 3 1/2 grains on the starting charge and 2 grains on the max charge... but heres the kicker ... the lower max charge hornady gives shows about the same velocity as the higher charge the lee edition does... wtf... which one do ya believe...
Reloading / Re: 143 eld x
thanks for the info guys... hey mike they were bullets for reloading... not sure I would call it a stash but the guy had a few boxes of them on the shelf... don't know if you can get them online or even if they have a web site but the place is called rajo's gun's
General Discussion / Re: 4451 had to post
yeah I'm getting slight ejector marks at 41.8 out of mine as it is... I'm guessing 2615 is a bit slow but I dunno... according to the drop I have from a 100 yards to 250 yards and putting that into jbm ballistic's calculator its saying closer to 2800 but I'm not buying that so don't really know... just know they shoot a really good group
General Discussion / Re: 4451 had to post
ctf to be honest I couldn't tell ya... I don't own a chrony of any kind..its just a touch hotter than the factory 140 grain Amax's are I think ..poi is about a half inch higher than the factory rounds were...