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General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
I have two more things to do to it.. the electric fan to the radiator wont come on.. and has to be replaced.. can still drive it around a good while before it gets anywhere near hot. And also put some new digger tires on it..
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
This little truck is just cool as can be.. got everything fixed on it now.. starts right up.. rides and drives down the road nice.. in low range and first gear i think it would climb a tree.. lol. May be the coolest toy i ever got.. the bad part is this was a really good friend of mine truck.. we had been wheeling and dealing on it for about a year.. i have a old chevy truck 4x4 with a 400 small block in it that he wanted.. trucks shot but the motor is a good one.. any way my friend passed away a couple weeks ago suddenly.. main artery going to the heart blew apart and they couldnt save him.. his oldest son i guess new that me and my friend had been going back and forth on this truck and he called me saturday morning wanting to know if i wanted it.. course i did but didnt know what he would have to have for it.. any way he wanted to know what i would give for it and i told him a 1000 dollars.  Didnt figure he would go for that but he said that sounded like a fair deal to both of us and took it.. im sure it would bring way more than that and im tickled to death to have got it for that.. my boy just got a new Polaris 900 side by side and i wouldn't trade this little truck for it..  heres a couple more pics of it..
General Discussion / Got me a new rig..
Got me a new hunting rig.. been wanting a side by side or something like that  and came across this from a buddy of mine.. a deal i couldnt pass up.. got a few little things to fix up on it but its pretty cool.. 😁
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
Thanks marine.. as far as i know all shooters are welcomed on this forum.. before i got that modified case i was taking a bullet and painting it with a sharpie and chambering it and seating it deeper in .005 increments until i couldnt see any marks on the bullet any more.. i will try you method and see how close i come up with to what the modified case is telling me..
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
Remember a few replies ago i talked about using a bore mop and patch with jb bore paste in my chamber to polish it up a little to where it wasnt making light scuff marks on my alpha brass when chambering a new case.. well after going back out there this evening i tried the modified case again this time without a bullet.. slid it in the chamber till it hit a solid stop and thought yep its going to the shoulder.. instead of taking it out i took a light and looked in the chamber at the case and thought man theirs alot of case sticking out of there still.. so i took the case off the hornady tool and put my bolt back in and tried to chamber it.. the bolt didnt go all the way in to where i could lock the lugs.. with just a little pressure on the bolt it finally closed.. pulled the bolt open and could see the scuff marks on the modified case.. i then took the case and lubed it and ran it in a redding 243 body die and sized the body.. with the long 243 die it sized the body but didnt size the neck which is what i was after.. checked base to shoulder on the modified case and have the same measurement as a fired case now.. so i put it back on the hornady tool and put a 105 vld in it and put it in the chamber.. this time its all the way in there.. set the tool and remove it and take a measurement.. this time instead of getting 1.963 i got 1.759.. checked it in the chamber a couple more times and got the same reading.. i also checked a 105 hybrid and it measured 1.773.. so now with a true measurement instead of a .200+ jump im now jammed .019.. lol..
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
The barrel only has around 300 rounds down it and they have all been really mild loads .. i checked and rechecked that measurement 4 times last night but im going out in a bit and checking it again .. im also going to see what a 105 berger hybrid measures to kind of compare to bobs findings..
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
After bob talked about the Peterson modified case for the dasher i ordered one.. it came a couple days ago.. thought i would see what kind of jump if any on my loaded rounds.. kinda wish i hadn't of.. ignorance is bliss.. lol when i pulled the modified case out of my action after locking the rod.. i could see the end of the rod in the neck pretty good.. put the bullet back in it and it laid over sideways a little.. lol.. i thought i had my loaded rounds pretty close to the lands but thats not the case.. my rounds has a .206 jump.. 🤨 theirs no way i could even jam a bullet in the lands.. it wouldn't stay in the case.. not sure why the would cut it so deep or if its just the vld style bullet.. the targets and chrono says its fine but i wasnt expecting that..
Reloading / Re: AMP Press
Looks like a pretty amazing piece of kit..  chris they stole your idea.. lol.. the advancement in technology just amazes me..
General Discussion / Re: 6.5 Creedmoor Bergara Premier Competition Rifle load Data
Welcome to the forum baker.. spend alot of time in the reloading section if you can. Lots of good information there.. especially concerning load development.. pay paticular attention on the subject of ocw testing.. wont take you long to have your rifle and load dialed in.. 40 gr. Is a good place to start testing powder working your way up .3 gr. At a time.. theirs normally a good node around 2730 fps.