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Reloading / Re: Seating depth update thoughts
It never ceases to amaze me how guys will wear a barrel out testing powder then when It comes time to test seating they start taking shortcuts.

Getting centered in a seating node will shrink groups by half or more. If everything else is "right" with your set up and bench manners it will shape up those weird looking groups and can pull those "one outs" in within reason. If you run in increments of .003" you will eventually roll into the nodes, if you run bigger increments there's a chance you'll skip over nodes. The bigger the increment the better the chance  you are skipping over them.
I agree you can tune powder very close but to get the absolute most accuracy out of any combination seating depth must be tested. There is a remote possibility you could pick the majic base to ogive measurement tune it with powder and be at the absolute most accurate seating depth but you will never know for sure without thouroghly testing it.

On the subject of nodes how wide of node do we really need? Aren't we looking for the most accurate node so we can find the center or sweet spot of that node where group size can be cut in half again.

I measured .014" of throat erosion in 1400+ rounds on a 6.5x47 Lapua Improved barrel recently. The barrel was still shoog very well even though I didn't do a very good job of keeping up with it. A barrel will favor the "position" of the bullet in the barrel. We are using the distance to the lands as a reference to locate that position in the barrel. Once this position is found many barrels, actually IMO most barrels will still shoot as accurately in spite of throat erosion to a great extent. Maybe not quite as accurate but still "in the node" accurate.

So while a node that's .002 or .003 wide may seem narrow in regards to throat erosion it stays constant by it's position in the chamber as it relates to barrel time I believe.
I've checked distance to the lands many times and found my throat had eroded but the gun was still maintaining the accuracy because of the position in the chamber not the distance to the lands.

Find the node in .003s fine tune it in .001s to find the sweet spot of the node. Keep shooting it in that position regardless of distance to the lands until accuracy degrades. If / when accuracy degrades check distance to the lands and adjust accordingly.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
I've been going to clip a coil or two off the spring and see if it goes away but haven't got to it.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
Bob that looks like your ejector spring is on the strong side to me. I've got a  Remington 700 that will do that to every piece unless I put my finger in the port and take some pressure off it.

I've experienced the bolt lift with my Alpha BRA brass as well, it got better after fire forming but it still appears randomly on what I call middle node loads.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
I bought a laminate Deep Creek Tracker from Alex recently, the wood coloring is very similar to Yours Bob. Shawn has a flat bottomed Bat B ordered for it. He doesn't expect to see the action until the first of the year so it will be awhile before I'm shooting it.
Wildcats / Re: 6 BRA tuning
Wanting to repeat around 30.0, hopefully I can get it tuned and get in some matches before the barrel gives up LOL

The wind was really coming to life as I shot this so I'm not too concerned about 29.9 Y

Reloading / Re: New Lapua SRP brass
Brass lots, brands, Powder lots etc. Lots of variables but with that being said there's a good chance you'll wind up back at 41.5 but you still need to work up to it.
Wildcats / Re: 6 BRA tuning
I'll also add we can try anything at home but until it proves out in actual competition it's not conclusive.
Wildcats / Re: 6 BRA tuning
My Sinclair works very well for the Borden but can get quirky on the Panda. The forend on the Panda is a whisker thinner and it does seem to track worse than the LRB in that rest.

I've got a JJ Loh coming as well as a Randolph. Both one owner like new at very good prices. So I'm going to test rests so to speak and after I'm satisfied there may be one or two for sale but I wouldn't bet on it. 😂