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Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
I got my hands on some new br4's this week thanks to my buddy gregg and my boy colt.. and also got a good supply of the 103 vapor trail vt-tac coming.. i have a 150 or so allready so instead of using the 105 hybrids im going to try the 103 vtacs.. i loaded a 10 shot ladder same as i did for the hybrids and got about a 60 fps increase in mv across the board with the 103.. i think i started in a node at 2960 and it also shows the flat spot at 3070.. my highest charge yeilded 3115.. no pressure signs with the new br4's no pierced primers or anything like that.. im going to test around that 3070 flat spot just to see whats there but will more than likely drop back to the 2960 area.. to run it in if thats where it wants to shoot the best.. early stages so who knows.. .. a pic of my numbers..
General Discussion / Re: Switch-barrel rifle thoughts
Made me cringe when they covered it in mud then washed it off in the creek.. lol. They could have tested them high pressure claims if they had shot it soon as they pulled it out of the creek.. lol.. pretty cool system though..
Angie's List / Re: Double shout out
Glad their taking care of ya randy.. when mine gives up i wont hesitate to buy another one..
General Discussion / Re: Switch-barrel rifle thoughts
Grant these targets were shot at just 100 yards. Even if the orange dots are just 1”, that rifle is shooting > 1/2 MOA in just 3 shot groups and > 1 MOA groups when the 3 shot groups are combined. To me if that is to be considered repeatable, I would call if repeatable poor precision especially for a custom rifle.
This video only strengthens a concern (for me) that precision is being lost in exchange for convenience.

It sure wouldn’t be fair to formulate an opinion on switch barrel systems on this one video. But this one doesn’t instill much confidence for me.

Ok... for what looks like more of a hunting style rifle i was expecting it to have a inch or two spread in the two different groups.. with changing the barrel and scope.. and i didnt expext any one to form an opinion on this video jerry.. just post it for chris to check out.. i personally wouldnt own one but thats just me.. im sure that paticular set up is good enough for a lot of folks..
General Discussion / Re: Switch-barrel rifle thoughts
No experience with one but watched some videos on them.. pretty cool.. looks like you can get behind the mpa version of one for around 3,500..
After looking around a little more trying to find a set up being shot i run across this video.. for all the things he changed around on it im suprised how repeatable it was..
Bolt Action Rifles / Showing the 284 some love..
Shot my straight 284 some this evening.. hadn't shot it in several months.. mainly to save on components for it.. but today i got a 500 count box of the 184 f open hybrids inbound for it.. so decided to shoot it a few times.. i built this gun and developed the load for it in one weekend.. lol.. dont think i have changed the load at all.. still shooting pretty good.. my 250 yard group has a little horizontal stringing to it.. not sure if that was me or the load or the 7 or 8 mph wind we have this evening.. will shoot it a few more times before i change the load any.. the 5 shot 100 yard group looks good..
Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
If the strings are long and fast then that would be hard on a 6.5x284 barrel but between it and a dasher or 6 creed in a 10 or 15 mph wind i would go with the 6.5x284.. hell you might win a new barrel.. lol.. and just know dave i wasnt trying to be argumentative.. i know alot of guys favor the 6br variants and for good reason.. just be cool for someone to take the time and put in the effort to put a 6.5 on the podium.. bob may very well be that guy.. 😁
Competition / Re: 2021 1000 Yd BR Nationals
Dance with what you have confidence in  . Dave are you saying a 6.5 cant win? That suprises me.. i know the dasher and bra is all the rage these days but i wouldnt count out a 6.5 of some sort.. bob may have something for them if he can get that 144 gr bullet shooting little up there around 3000fps in his 6.5x284..
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
I loaded 5 at 32.6 and 5 at 33.. the first 4 at 33 were looking good but pierced the primer on the 4th shot.. and that screwed me up on the 5th shot which also pierced the primer.. no other pressure signs whatsoever.. easy bolt lift.. no ejector marks or anything like that.. i think these old primers may have a softer cup like the 400's have.. will put this on hold till i can find a brick of new br4 primers..

Jerry the corn has my 300 and 430 yard targets blocked.. and dont do the 3 shot ladders like you guys do.. i get my powder where i want it and then test seating at 250 for now.. then if my groups still arent where i want them i revisit powder on both sides of what i have..😁

The 10 shot ladder group tells me the powder is going to work really well im thinking..
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
First rounds with the rl15.5.. decided to test this powder with the 105 berger hybrids.  I loaded a 10 shot velocity ladder and shot it.. not having any load data to go by i took a chance at were to start.. the way i did this was to fill a case up to almost the neck and shoulder junction.. then weighed that and counted backwards in .2 gr increments.. i dont recommend this aproach in coming up with a starting point but after researching the powder in the dasher a little i went for it.. my first shot in the ladder is left of the rest of them.. mainly because i shut my eyes before i pulled the trigger and not knowing what to expect.. lol.. any way.. my 10 shot numbers and group.. not sure what to make of it yet as their is no real definitive flat spot.. but im going to look between 32.5 and 33.1 for my powder charge.. as these rounds were making a hole

I did pierce a primer on my last shot.. these br4 primers are probably 40 + years old but seemed to work just fine..
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
Lol.. that was a seriously bad idea on my part.. i may need a blood transfusion.. the mosquitoes liked to packed me off.. lol.

Its a cool little rig chris..
General Discussion / Re: Got me a new rig..
Thinking about taking the mini out and do a little coyote calling this evening.. they have some of the corn shelled in the bottoms so theirs some open fields i can watch.. will set up a 223 in my bog tripod in the back of the mini.. nose the mini into the woods and set in the bed and call..  :D
Gunsmithing / Re: Savage bolts
That hook has to retain a high point on it for sure.. but taking a hair off the top of it with a fine wet stone and polishing it only improves it..