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Hunting / Re: ELD-X
No offense tar and i get it.. but personally not a big fan of this practice.. farmers driving around on 400,000 dollar tractors pulling 200,000 dollar planters and a millon dollars worth of equipment in their fields come harvest time.. they want all the deer and game dead so they dont eat a few hundred dollars worth of crops. big deal.. . most of them that do this around my area wont let hunters on their property come hunting season.. sorry just not a fan of it.. i am glad to hear the eldx performed as it should..
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
Thanks jerry. The picture doesnt do it much justice.. looks better in person.. maybe this pic will look better

Nope.. lol
Hunting / Re: That was fun
Went a few days without seeing any more turtles in my pond and thought i had them cleaned out for the time being.. then a couple days ago i seen one pop his head up.. so i go to the man cave and this time i grab a ruger mark 3 target pistol.. go back out there and sure enough hes got his head poked up out of the water about 15 yards away.. i let one go and shot right over the top of his head.. but he made a mistake and didnt go under so i quickly let another one go.. thought i got him but wasnt sure.. i could see bubbles coming up and moving around for a bit and i thought i must of missed.. waited a good half hour or so and it never did come back up and the bubbles stopped.. didnt see any yesterday but today this guy was floating in the water.. may not be able to see it but hes got a bullet hole right between his eyes.. 😁
Reloading / Re: Doughnuts in the necks
I had all these cases with the doughnuts loaded when i made this post.. i shot 25 of them awhile ago.. the doughnut doesn't seem to be affecting accuracy at all.. i went 10 for 10 on a 2 inch plate at 430 yards.. however i still want them gone.. so on the cases i just fired i ran my reamer in them.. what kind of suprised me was the reamer cut a little off each case just inside the mouth.. then wouldn't cut anything till it got to where the doughnut was. And then it was very little.. just suprised me it cut some off at the mouth..
Reloading / Re: Doughnuts in the necks
I have never had a doughnut form using a redding body die and a lee collet die .. and thats in several carts..
Reloading / Re: Doughnuts in the necks
You are not going to move brass up or down the neck with sizing (FL, bushing, or mandrel). The sizing will however move brass laterally (in or out). Chris I agree the collet die mandrel should move the donut out, just like any mandrel should, but I don’t believe the collet puts enough pressure at the neck shoulder junction to move it up or down

Jerry i believe the way the collet die works it would put the most pressure on the doughnut area since that is where the cone part of the collet closes in the sleeve that forces it closed.. and since the mandrel keeps the brass from moving in and the collet keeps it from moving out the next path with the least resistance is forward.. could be wrong but thats the reason we dont see doughnuts when using a lcd i believe...
Reloading / Re: Doughnuts in the necks
The problem is chris the shoulder is thicker than the necks and when that shoulder starts migrating into the necks you develope a doughnut.. the collet die may very well squeeze that thicker part on forward as i dont have any issues with any of the calibers i use the lcd on..