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Reloading / Re: Doughnuts in the necks

Somehow I just knew that you would find another high dollar must have piece of machinery to sell us on!!! Nice find!!! But no!

Some say ignorance is bliss. Maybe you just don’t like to be informed?  😊
When I tell you it is a must have item, then you can assume I’m trying to sell you on it. Otherwise, I’m just posting stuff like that to keep folks current.
General Discussion / Re: Chamber reamers, how do these work?
Chris like you I have no personal experience with this process other than to watch the job being done by a couple of very good gunsmiths. It’s my understanding that the quality of the job is initially determined by how well the barrel is indexed to the lathe. If memory serves, the job is more difficult but also more exact, when the bore of the barrel rather than the outer perimeter is used to true it up in the lathe.
At one time I seriously considered getting the equipment and learning how to ream a chamber. After watching the process I decided it was one of those learning curves and investments that was going to detract from my devotion to shooting time. It’s a skill that broaches on an art to produce a masterful job. I will leave it to the pros and concentrate on the finer points of reloading. 😊
Competition / Re: Hunter's Pointe IBS 600 yard match 1 & 2
If it’s part of the the family project like Robin and his dad do , I can see it. I’m hoping my wife will throw some charges for me this next week at the Rendezvous. It would be her first time doing that task but it’s pretty easy to get everything correct with the Fx/trickler combo.
Competition / Re: V2 Finale Long Range F class invitational championship
It is a smart move to get in two or three barrels for a comp rifle. Break all of them in with a couple hundred rounds and have your load developed for each one of them. Pick one to start and put the other (s) in reserve. Unfortunately, barrels sometimes don’t give you a lot of warning before they fizzle. If you are in the middle of a season and one goes, your back ups are there ready to go and you already know what each of them likes. My 6 BRA Lilja is dining well right now but I have a hummer Krieger just waiting in the wings with only 400 rounds down the bore. It’s a good feeling. 😊
Competition / Re: Hunter's Pointe IBS 600 yard match 1 & 2
It’s great to see a youngster follow in their mom or dads footsteps. Better yet to see the younger generations get involved in the shooting sports. Wouldn’t it be fun to see Trystan Williams in a match with Emma Wolf!!!
Reloading / Re: Doughnuts in the necks
Sorry if this is a dumb question but, if I shoulder bump first, then neck size with a Lee collet die, how can a doughnut form? I realize the collet only squeezes the neck but the mandrel itself goes into the case past the neck-shoulder junction; I'm thinking the doughnut would get expanded by the mandrel.

You are not going to move brass up or down the neck with sizing (FL, bushing, or mandrel). The sizing will however move brass laterally (in or out). Chris I agree the collet die mandrel should move the donut out, just like any mandrel should, but I don’t believe the collet puts enough pressure at the neck shoulder junction to move it up or down. The whole purpose of cutting into the shoulder during neck turning is to give the donut brass a place to move into when the case is fired in the chamber. If that void or cut space at the shoulder neck junction is not present, even though the collet mandrel pushed the donut out, it is going to come right back inside during the first firing because the chamber neck junction forces it back in. Gotta have a space for it to move to.
Competition / Re: V2 Finale Long Range F class invitational championship
I’m prepping for two events. Standard 1000 yd this coming weekend at CRC followed immediately by the  Rendezvous. Working with about 400 cases this weekend. I will load for CRC but like Dave just brass prep for the Rendezvous.
Robin we are all going to be pulling for you! Go get em’ !!
Reloading / Re: Doughnuts in the necks
Good point Eric to test on fired brass. Think I might use a pin gauge though instead of a bullet. A pin gauge that just clears the mouth of the neck with fired brass.