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284 Win question

Hello All,

I have an FN SPR rifle chambered in 308.  The action is factory bedded into a McMillan A1 stock. I have been thinking about getting it re-barrelled and chambered in 284 Winchester.   I have a question for those of you who shoot this caliber.  What barrel contour, twist rate and length  would you recommend?  I am planning on using Berger's 180 grain Hybrid Targets. 

I am just a recreational shooter and I am a member of a club/range where we can shoot, from a bench, out to just past 1000.  I've been reading a bit and about the 284 Win and seems like many competitors shooting this distance are shooting/using 284 Wins.

Thanx and happy Thanksgiving, lg

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Lg i run a 28 inch bull barrel on mine. 1" at the muzzle.. if i remember right its a 1&8 twist .shoots the 184 hybrids really well..

Re: 284 Win question

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You have an expensive tool there; specifically designed as a sniper rifle around the 308 cartridge. I’m not a huge fan of the cartridge but everybody needs at least one 308 in their safe. If you rebarreled with a different chamber you are probably going to lessen the value of the SPR.

I am a big fan of the 284 and think you would probably enjoy working with the 7mm caliber. Have you thought about just building another rifle that would meet your range needs and doing it in 284?


Re: 284 Win question

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Thank you Grant.  28" was what I had in mind and (if I live long enuf have it suppressed :) )  1:8" , 1:8.5" were in my head.  & 1.25, 1.2 inches at the breech end tapering to 1" at the muzzle was also in my head. 

Hey JVW, thanx for your input.  Yes, it is an expensive gun.  I bought it, used on Sniper's Hide,  intending to re-stock and rebarrel to 6.5CM but when I got it I quickly changed my mind.  It was too much gun- McMillan stock, bedded, etc to do anything to.  So decided to keep it a while , shoot it, and bought the dies and such to reload for it.  It shoots 155s Hornady ELD-Ms over RL-15 and IMR 8208 XBR powders real well at around 2850 MV.   I am very happy with it 'as is'.

I've another FN (PBR) action that my nephew used along with a chunk of curley maple and a Kreiger bbl to build me a 6.5.  And did think about just building out a 284 from scratch.  But,   I am not sure I want to go through the wait time to have another custom built.   

I started reading and seeing the 284 and got pregnant with the idea of having one.  And am not shooting the 308 much.  I shoot with an  army buddy who has a Remington that Lester Bruno barrelled and trued up, so I can shoot his 308 if I feel the urge.

So,  I decided to ask around and get some opinions and thoughts on this before I give birth to this idea.  Asking here is a good place to start.  Appreciate the views, Grant and JVW.  lg