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129 SST Bullet Performance

I finally took a PA doe with my 6.5CM and figured I'd post this on the performance of the 129 SST Hornady factory ammo on deer. I only post this because of the difficult path the bullet took and how well it performed. I took a 110 yard straight on neck shot on a 117lb doe, which dropped at the shot. The bullet penetrated the neck and traveled straight down the spine, destroying 5" of spine (the biggest piece of bone found on this stretch is about the size of a pencil eraser.) The bullet then slid down the side of the spine (between the spine and loin) for another 8". I wish this had penetrated MUCH less here since I lost about 9" of loin meat.

The bullet retained 43.7% of it's weight (56.4 grains) and held together pretty well. I hope I can get these photos to post (and I apologize for the bit of meat left) but I think this demonstrates the whitetail performance that should be showcased with this cartridge.

Ok, It's going to take me a bit longer to figure out how to post these photos, but I'll keep giving it a try.