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First day back to shooting out back!

After a 7 month hiatus from shooting I finally got back to my reloading and shooting benches. This is my 5r savage 6.5 creedmoor barrel.
I put this barrel on a 110 la a week.or two after my hospital visit.
The load is 42 grains of h4350 behind a 140 Speer deep.curl.
They showed a little pressure and the magneto speed had them between 2750 & 3000 fairly consistently all about .010 jump.
These 6 shots made me feel good about bringing this cannon to wyoming at the end of the month. What.made me feel better was when I was shooting a neighbor came over and handed me two flats of CCI 200s
He works for a friend who conducts gun shows throughout the state. Better yet I found two live primers on the floor when I was cleaning the reloading room a couple of days ago. Now I have 202 for getting my hunting ammo up to snuff.
I used the lyman 55 powder throw for these and weighed out each throw on the beam. The gen 5 never did satisfy me with the reliability I expected. It almost always failed to deliver more than one or two in a row. I must have rebooted and reserved it a couple of hundred times.
I hope to pump out some more creedmoor loads before I jump back on the 6.5-06.
11X Grandfather
Part time Savagesmith