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Re: Bullet Seating Force Gage ruminations

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Group 2 is one where I don't have to depend on shaky memory, at least for the first two shots. The first shot was unremarkable, I glanced at the chronograph on the second shot, noticed the high velocity, cussed, glassed back on the target, breathed a sigh of relief and went back to work.

It's like shooting pool where you don't have to call your shots; hey, ball went in the pocket, that's all that counts, lol.


Re: Bullet Seating Force Gage ruminations

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The dang things change all the time.. what shoots good now nay not shoot that good a hundred rounds from now.. whether its from carbon build up or throat wear. Temperatures or conditions. Number of rounds down the pipe. Things change and its hard to keep up with them. Maybe impossible.. lol.. the thing chris's graph shows to me is consistent neck tension.. i personally think hes out of tune a little or the carbon is getting built up in the bore pretty good.. all a guy can do is keep searching.. once you find it plan on searching some more in the near future.. 😁