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6.5 ammom

Normally hunt with 6.5 core lokt ammo. Makes a good hole and massive blood but so hard to find.
Had bad luck with hornady precision hunter. Can anyone recomend anything else

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I've had good luck with the 143 ELD X handloaded to 2900+ in my 6.5-284

I plan on loading the same bullet for my 6.5x47L imp here soon and see how it does at 2800+

May take awhile but you should be getting some recommendations from others.

@sportacus is pretty knowledgeable about factory ammo I think.

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What are you hunting?

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Practice on shot placement.  Have killed a bunch at over 400 yds with 140 ELDM's (target ammo).

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The 140 grain federal fusion is a great ammo for hunting. Gives really good groups and excellent terminal performance on game. And is usually fairly easy to come by and very affordable.

Nosler factory ammo with the 140 grain ballistic tip is extremely hard to beat for hunting. The also have a accubond long range version.

Hornady has a few lines of hunting ammo. Other then the 129 sst they haven't grouped too well for me for some reason.

And Sako has a fairly extensive line of hunting ammo in a variety of rounds that are pretty impressive on game. The 156 grain bonded "deerhead" in particular is a great factory round.

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Practice on shot placement.  Have killed a bunch at over 400 yds with 140 ELDM's (target ammo).

Glad you're having good results with them.

Based on an experience last year where a solid vital hit that hammered a buck in his tracks with a full pass through failed to expand and just penciled through I will not encourage anyone to use a target bullet on medium / big game. With a follow up shot I recovered the buck and it was all good but because of the terrain between the buck and I over 350 yards it was very fortunate I got the opportunity to make the second shot.

I'm not condemning you or trying to start a debate, to each his own. I'm not even going to mention the bullet or maker because my point is not about the bullet. It was my decision to use a target bullet for hunting.


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Denver Steve and others have made great recommendations.  The 6.5 CM is the preferred caliber with deer hunters in central LA.  Saw you have already x'd out ELD-X.  140 AB loaded by Federal.  Upsides:  Accurate, good penetration and expansion.  Downside:  Hard to find.  Hornady American Whitetail:  One of the least expensive.  A cup and core bullet with similar terminal performance as Core Lokt.  Usually very accurate out of most rifles.  I am a fan of the 130-140 Berger hunting VLD's.  Most accurate out of my rifles and have been achieving bang-flops since 2015.  Like most choices, can be hard to find.  Bottom line:  Lots of great factory hunting loads out there, you just have to search.  The on line warehouses and the LGS's around you will usually have something.  This crew is always on the hunt.  Recommend you try a box or two of what you can find.  Going on a quest today to find some Sierra 130 Gamechanger tipped.  Have a young friend getting great results with that load.  Want to try the Federal Terminal Ascent but more likely to win the lottery or capture a purple unicorn than to lay my hands on a box.  I will keep searching.
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