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Back to hunting

I decided that I'd had enough of long range target shooting and decoded I'd sell by Savage 12LRP. I also sold all the stock I had of match bullets. But I still had a heap of brass and some great dies. Seeing as how my first love is hunting it followed that I'd get a 6.5 Creed hunting rifle, so I ordered a Tikka Lite.
Now, those high BC 140 plus weight target bullets are great for punching paper, but As I never shoot an animal further away than 200m I didn't think they'd be needed. I went down to well constructed bullets like 130gn Nosler Accubonds and Hornady 123gn SST's. I reckoned on getting good hunting accuracy, but with more velocity. I'd be interested in any comments on this. I've got plenty of H4350 by the way.

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I killed 2 deer with the 6.5 and 140 Berger's. 150 and 200 yards I think it was, no problems, however if I were you for those distances I would try the 130's for sure, more speed = more DRT.

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That's my thoughts precisely Hammer, The longer bullets are great for holding velocity longer but the way bullet technology is going, you don't need those heavier bullets if the ranges are shorter. I believe in getting as close as I can.