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IMR 4031and IMR 4064

Started by slabuda, March 26, 2013, 04:11:08 PM

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March 26, 2013, 04:11:08 PM Last Edit: March 26, 2013, 04:14:08 PM by slabuda
Will be reloading and can get these powders from a friend.
I know H4350 is the standard but its not available right now in my area.

I heard IMR 4350 is similar to the H4350  but maybe not as temp stable as the Hodgen. Temp stability is a selling point as I could see from teens to 90+ throughout the year. And when hunting see from teens to 50's in he same day.

How is the IMR 4064?

Also only primers available are CCI Lg Rifle (not BR2 as far as i know) and Rem 9 1/2

I can get 2K of CCI and 4K of Rem for $15 per 1k. Cant pass that up. Any suggestions on either?

Other powders available are
IMR 3031 (.223?)
IMR 4227 (saw .45 colt heavy loads using this :)
IMR 4198
IMR 4320
IMR 4831 (270 wsm?)
Win 760
Win 296

All powders are $20/lb except IMR 4831 and IMR 4320 @ $10 lb

Need to jump on this deal ASAP so no pressure but I need info yesterday ;)


BTW I should hopefully be able to get a RCBS (?) press at the same time. Was wanting the Hornady LNL as I want to someday get the progressive press and like the idea of easy interchangeability with dies/presses.


At $15 per 1,000 for primers, I would be on that deal like a duck on a june bug.

For $10 to $20 per Lb. on powders, I would be getting as much as I could of those listed that I use.  For me, and my 6.5, I have used only H-4350, Re-17, and some H-414/W-760 - - can't comment on the others you mention for the 6.5, specifically.  But I would be buying a butt-load of IMR-3031 for my .35 Remington, a butt-load of IMR-4227 for some handgun cartridges, and maybe some IMR-4320 for renewed testing in the .30-06.  But for sure, I would buy all of the W-296 I could get my paws on - - for my "go-to" load in the .44 Mag...
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