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Reloading / ADG 65 CM Brass
Hi All
Been a while since I've posted on here.
Hope everyone is doing well.
I screwed a new 65 barrel on yesterday. I haven't shot 65 for 3 years now and I'm basically starting from scratch as I sold quite a lot of components.
I've bought some new large primer Atlas Development Group (ADG) brass to run in this new pipe. Just wondering if anyone has used it as it is US made. I've read some pretty good feedback on its consistency and its priced very well here too in Australia.
Any feedback appreciated
General Discussion / Re: NRA / 2A
G'day everyone. Been a while since Ive posted.

While I don't live in the US, I honestly believe the shear number of shooters regardless of discipline and again bolstered again by the shear number of firearms owned by the public would make disarmament logistically unachievable.
Thats not to say you just kick back and see what happens.
The US people's passion alone for the 2A movement again bolsters this physical possession.
Australia has not even 5 percent of these numbers and 2A doesn't even exist here.
People use Australia a lot as an example when this topic arises and I get that as it seems like a massive deal.However let's look at these numbers as a comparison.
Firearms (estimated in country currently)
US -393 million
Australia - 3.5 milion
The 1996 firearms buy back in Australia resulted in 1 million firearms being handed in and a large proportion of these were not even deemed illegal. Many received compensation far beyond the items worth and these funds were used to upgrade to better firearms , I know this as I saw a lot of it.
1 million in my eyes is nothing.
The US has had 7 million NEW firearms owners apply in the last 12 months!!
My point is The US has the shear numbers.

Shooting sports in Australia are growing in participants  steadily every year here especially with the addition of the dynamic styles like PRS, PSR and Practical Rifle disciplines. I am personally the VP of a new PRS club we are almost ready to launch with hundreds ready to join. These are more appealing to the younger generation I feel.
Run as many disciplines at your clubs as practically possible. Make it appeal to everyone .
Retaining membership to your clubs , associations and contributing to their events and operations builds solidarity and increases the exposure of the sport. For any organisation to be successful participation is key not just paying membership.
If you are just paying membership as a "requirement" but don't participate there is something wrong there. Ask yourself why, maybe you need to find a new organisation .
Promoting women and children to be involved in the shooting sports is also a key element in reducing the "perceived" style of person that shoots. Promote your club locally. Make it a KEY part of the community , you will even gain support of some non shooters.
Unfortunately some have a "mindset" on guns and the people that use them. That perception needs to be changed as much as possible. Ive seen politicians invited to events and some have left with a very different outlook than what they arrived with.Much more in favour of the shooting sports.
People can become scared  and reactive about things they know little about. Guns are no different.
Eg.on how little someone knew
My son in law had a conversation regarding a recent shooting trip with a work colleague.
They responded initially with "Really! I didn't know we were even allowed to own guns in Australia!" Simply mind blowing.

You guys in the US have the numbers. Promote and participate in your clubs locally and collectively the sport will build making it that much harder to dissolve.
If you pay your membership and are never seen. You are just another bloke that owns a gun.....

Reloading / Re: coax press question ?
It is probably cheaper than anything that says for a firearm as well. Teflon is fantastic. Gotta keep that in mind as I am out shopping for a tractor for my place in Idaho. Torn between JD and Kabota.
True that Capt!!
As soon as they put gun on it price goes up. Theres some great automotive products for removing carbon out of engines that also do a great job on barrels for 1/3 of the price of most rifle products.
General Discussion / Re: Barrel cooler..
The 1st one I've seen was from maybe 5 yrs ago.  The guy is local and shoots F-class i think.  His website is still up and still in business.

The Magneto Speed also made their own called "Barrel Kul" or something.

I'm tempted to try one or two

The Barrel Cool was actually invented by an old forum member from way back -Bryan Sumoba. I think Magnetospeed copied his idea personally or maybe they bought him out. Don't know. Haven't heard from Bryan in a long time. Nice fella.
You would remember him Jerry?

General Discussion / Re: Hardy Carbon 1:7.5 twist
My gunsmith rates Hardy barrels as some of the best he's seen.
The quickest to dial in which says a lot for their gun drilling process.
I use Bartlein but he gets to spin up a lot of other good brands also so the opinion holds weight I feel.
General Discussion / Re: reloading is obsolete ?
I was gifted a box of 140 SMK's and figured i'd roam around the internet and see what the world has to say about them..came across an ad for federal GMM ammo w/140 smk with two reviews..Joey2 says he's shooting 2.5" at 1000 yds.  and Senger says he's shooting .25 at 200...this is a Federal ad so it must be correct...think i should sell all my reloading stuff???

Let's say it's all true and it may well be , wasn't there so I'm out of that debate. Does it do it EVERY time you buy a box?

I will say all the Hornady factory match grade ammo in 65 and 308 has shot extremely well but the price here in Australia prevents me at least from shooting it in any kind of volume.
I also follow a heap of ammo manufacturer's pages and the consistency posted up regularly is definitely at a much higher standard in recent times. Not BR standards but definitely PRS match.
Competition / Re: Global Benchrest Association
@ gman47564

I think you get 6 minutes for a 5 shot light gun group and 10 minutes for a 10 shot heavy gun group in benchrest. Plus a 6 minute unlimited rounds sighter period. It's pretty relaxed as far as I'm concerned.

Should fit your style very well Grant, I'll expect to see you at a match 😊

6 mins !! Im used to 8 in 90secs  :))  :))  :))
Reloading / Re: Noob question; Brass length?
1.910 is a pretty popular trim length with 65 CM
Allows for a few firings if you are  not trimming every time which a lot don't.
Reloading / Re: Nosler RDF
When you say fliers Rardoin
How far from the Xring ?
10s 9s ?
Reloading / Re: Recommendations for Primers
I’ve used Fed 210s for going on 6 years in the CM. I’ve never had one misfire and had single digit chrony results.
The original Hornady CM Ammo was specked with them and i’ve always stuck with.
Team Curtis Alamo rifle’s today posted some results with the Federal factory 6CM ammo. Phenomenal ammunition. Paul Reid even said why would you reload with these results. Grouping clover leaf & SDs were single digit.