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Gunsmithing / Re: What are your most useful tools
I think my most useful tool is Excel.  Without it I would have data scattered across a million pieces of paper, and most of them would be lost.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Shooting 1 mile and more
If you have an adjustable stock, you can put a bag between your shoulder and the stock to isolate it.  On the 6.5 CM, you can just weight the rifle and not shoulder it.  Most days, here in FL, if you turn the scope up all you can see is mirage.
Reloading / Re: Polymer Cartridges
Every time I see discussions like this I think of the H&K G11 and it's solid rocket ammo.  It didn't have a case at all, and was built in the 1980's.  It never went commercial, but I still think it's a cool action design.
General Discussion / Re: Affects of a muzzle brake
I set up a new rifle once with a factory installed scope rail.  It was loose enough to feel it wobble after about 30 rounds.  Now I remove and re-install everything put together in the factory.
Reloading / Re: What accuracy is needed for powder measurement.
Here's a question.  I load a fair amount of RL-23.  If you look at the sizes of the kernels, they range quite a bit in size.  So if I weigh a charge that is mostly on the smaller size versus a charge on the larger size, they both weigh the same but will they have the same combustion profile?  I shake the container to help mix these different sizes up since there is some settling that will occur.  How does volume measurement address this?  Seems I would like to have a load that is consistent in the size of the kernels to get the most consistent combustion profile.

Due to natural vibration, everything in a container will slowly settle the smallest and most dense material to the bottom of the container.  I also always shake up the can first.  Smokeless powder burns from its surface, so smaller pieces would increase the burn rate.  Now that we've talked about this, someone will have to sieve a pound of powder within a tight size range to see what the effect on SD is :)
General Discussion / Re: Bolt Wear
I have never seen that kind of wear on an AR bolt, but that wear looks like bolt is trying to roll before the bolt face is fully closed.  If something was inside the barrel extension it could cause the bolt to try to stop early.  Otherwise I don't know.
Gunsmithing / Re: Barrel Threading
There are some of the state "assault rifle" laws that include the presence of a threaded barrel as one of the things that designates an assault rifle.  This is not the ATF but the individual states.
Reloading / Re: What accuracy is needed for powder measurement.
Sorry if this sounds "stupid"
but how do you load a case by volume?
Not like kernels fit together and have no gaps.
Would think that the repeatability would be hard to achieve.

This is the important issue right here.  Darkker is right that modern powder is designed by shape to burn with certain characteristics.  This is why you see different cut lengths, or ball size, or cylindrical pellets with holes in them.  This is all related to surface burn rate, and relies on the volume and thickness of each particle. 

The problems is, volumetric measurement is horribly inaccurate in granular solids.  You can get decent measurement of liquids because they conform to the vessel, but with solids, you have to contend with settling and fluidity.  With a ball powder, you may find that either method works pretty well as long as you don't either cut pellets or compress them as you fill the volumetric device.  With extruded pellets, volumetric is problematic.  A few years back some guys did some testing with some of the best volumetric equipment and gravimetric equipment and found that using the best of each they got a SD of 9 with the volumetric and 3-4 with weight.  In the end it's all about SD and this is what they found.
Reloading / Re: My first real reloading attempt - any suggestions/warnings/comm./?
I believe that RS60 and Reloder 17 are actually the exact same powder under two brand names.  I don't have any data for RL17.  The Sierra manual shows RL17 at 2300 fps at 34.0gr and 2800 fps at 42.3gr max.  Sierra's max numbers are not normally padded like many others, so I would not go rushing to close to their max.
General Discussion / Re: Score
I was able to get 1,000 CCI 41 small rifle primers today at Midway, so maybe we are starting to get through this.