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Reloading / Hornady 147-ELD Match Variability
I found an interesting variability in Hornady's 147-ELD Match bullets while loading last night.  I had bought a couple boxes of these when they first came out.  For me they shot best about 0.050" off the lands.  This meant I was loading them at 2.192" one the Hornady comparator, which was 2.840 COAL.  I normally measure each round as I press the bullets in.

Last night I opened a new box that I bought about 3 weeks ago.  To press the first bullet I raised the die 0.010" so I could check the fit, since I hate pulling bullets that seat too low.  When I checked it, it wasn't 0.010" to high.  It was 0.020" too high.  So I press it to 2.192" and then check COAL and it's 2.828".  I then went to the box and grabbed 10 rounds, and they are every single one between 10 and 12 thousandths shorter between the ogive and tip when compared to the older boxes.

Considering that the original 147's were 2.890" COAL to the lands, and this made magazines super fun, I could understand if they redesigned them to be a bit shorter, but I don't see how they would do this without changing the BC numbers.  At first I thought it was just variability, but the new box is extremely tight tolerance.  The ogive measurements I took showed every one within .001", and the overall within 0.002".  I have seen changes in lot numbers before, but this one just seems larger than normal.  I have not checked the length to the lands on the new ones because the rifle wasn't in the shop, but I will do that today.
Ammunition / Factory Load Comparison
I recently bought my first precision rifle, a savage 10ba in 6.5 Creedmoor.  Since I needed to get brass to load for it, I just bought some factory ammo to see how the bullet weights worked out.  I bought 5 different factory loads, and took them to the range last weekend.  My first outing since sighting in the scope.  I thought I would share this target since it has a really good overview of the POI of the various loads all in one place.  Basically I found that the 120 ELD-M had to be corrected by -0.5 mil and the Federal had to be corrected by -0.4 mil to get back on target, although both of those factory loads worked extremely well at the lowly 100 yds I was firing.

The rifle is a Savage 10ba Stealth with Athlon Argos 6-24x50 scope, Burris XTR signature rings with 25 moa offset and an Incite Arms  Heathen muzzle brake.