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Reloading / Area419 ZERO Press
Has anyone tried the new Area419 ZERO press?  Considering another tool for the toolbox....
General Discussion / 6BRA Issues
I had a new 6BRA spun up for PRS matches.  Have ~400 rounds down the barrel and 200 were fire-formed during a PRS match (best match of the season for me).  Since the match, I've been working on a competition load.  The more I shoot it, the worse the groups get and the ES/SD are increasing.  The velocities have decreased about 30 fps from the initial fire-forming load. 

I noticed this weekend that I have carbon rings on the shoulder of the brass, rather than on the necks.  The ring isn't uniform around the shoulder, rather the ring is distorted.  I've tried different bushings and mandrels with the same results.  Also decreased the shoulder bump from .002 to .001 and to basically no bump.  No changes in performance,  accuracy or speed.  I have a suspicion on the culprit, but would like to get some input from you guys.

Reloading / 6.5x47 POI Shift
Been doing load development for a new 6.5x47 barrel using H4350 and Varget.  Narrowed down a load for both each powder--.4 gr different charge and .003 jump difference, with virtually same velocity.  Loaded 20 rounds of each to for groups today (didn't take Labradar, big mistake).  I shot groups of 5, alternated H4350, Varget.  Thru the load development, the POI for both powders were identical on target.  All development was with Lapua brass, CCI 450's & 140 ELDm's.

For today, I had 12 H4350's hold overs (3X fired brass) from previous outing.  Loaded 8 NEW brass.  Loaded 20 Vargets in NEW lapua brass. When I got to the 3rd round, the first two shots were with the 3X fired brass & went a tad high.  Next three were new brass and landed about 1 MOA low.  My first thought was how in the hell did I do that.  As I was waiting for barrel to cool, I realized the split in the brass.  The next round of new H4350 landed in same MOA low.  Varget's POI did not shift (rules out stupid shooter error).

During all the load development with both powders, I did not experience that magnitude of POI shift--I did zero the scope when I settled on the two loads.  This was also the first time I shot brass with different loading cycles.  I'm estimating that the virgin brass (shoulder about .004 to .005 shorter than the 3X fired brass) was stretching and reducing velocity.  The Labradar would've verified If I'd only taken it with me. 

Any ideas on the shift other than the stretch in brass?  Thanks for your input!


General Discussion / My New Range
My new range.  Just 170 yds now, but will expand to 430 yds when the lane is cleared.  New shop and house will also be built.  No more public ranges!
Reloading / Frustrated with ES
I've been chasing lower ES with my 6.5CM for almost 2 years--just can't get seem to accomplish single digit ES's.  This venture has been the most challenging (aggravating) of my reloads.  Low ES for 308 and 7-08 came easy.  With the 6.5CM, I get an occasional ES of 9, but the average is around 18 fps range (SD's in single digits).  When I do my part, I can achieve single hole groups.

I'm curious what average ES others have with 6.5CM.  Am I chasing an impossible dream, or, do I need to keep digging?

Thanks for your time.
Reloading / LabRadar w/ 130 gr projectiles
New to the forum, and thanks in advance for your response. 

Tried to shoot a ladder test with Sierra 130 gr TMK's and Hornady 130 gr ELD's.  My Labradar would not trigger or record  suppressed rounds this weekend. 

With Sierra 130 gr TMK's, it would not trigger or record when suppressed.  It did trigger & record once, but the recorded velocity could not have been correct.  It would trigger unsuppressed, but would not record (I would get error message it could not acquire the projectile).  I checked and re-checked the unit’s alignment with the target, and it was secure on tripod.  All loads supersonic. The base of the boattail measures 0.212".

With Hornady 130 gr ELD's, it would not trigger suppressed.  It would trigger and record unsuppressed with no errors.  All loads supersonic.  The base of the boattail measures 0.233”.

The unit has triggered and recorded suppressed .223, 300 AAC and 308 previously (supersonic).  It will not trigger 300 AAC subsonic without air-rifle mic. 

Any ideas why would it not trigger and record any of the Sierra projectiles?  Any ideas why would it trigger on the Hornady projectiles suppressed and not record data?  BTW, LabRadar was absolutely no help today.