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Hunting / ABLR V AB
I have a number nice rifles and each one wears walnut and blued steel. However I recently underwent a bit of a re-assessment due to advancing years, and bought a nice light rifle. That rifle is a Tikka Lite and the cartridge is 6.5 Creedmoor. It's yet to go hunting, but initial range shooting with some 123gn Hornady SST's looks pretty good. I also bough some Nosler Accubonds, 100 Long range and 100 standard AB's in 129 and 130gn. I'm not sure which of these would suit the Creedmoor, so I though I'd give them both a run.  I seldom if ever shoot a deer beyond 200 yards. I'd like some feedback from anyone who's familiar with both varieties.
Hunting / Back to hunting
I decided that I'd had enough of long range target shooting and decoded I'd sell by Savage 12LRP. I also sold all the stock I had of match bullets. But I still had a heap of brass and some great dies. Seeing as how my first love is hunting it followed that I'd get a 6.5 Creed hunting rifle, so I ordered a Tikka Lite.
Now, those high BC 140 plus weight target bullets are great for punching paper, but As I never shoot an animal further away than 200m I didn't think they'd be needed. I went down to well constructed bullets like 130gn Nosler Accubonds and Hornady 123gn SST's. I reckoned on getting good hunting accuracy, but with more velocity. I'd be interested in any comments on this. I've got plenty of H4350 by the way.
Reloading / 130gn RDF
Some time back I speculated about the 130gn Nosler RDF being a better option than the Berger140gn VLD. Price was a consideration as well as availability here down under. The stated BC of the 130gn RDF was higher than that claimed for the VLD too. A number of shooters had tried the 140gn RDF, but the results were not very satisfactory. Some thought that the 1:8 twist most Creedmoors use was a problem for the slightly longer 140gn RDF. Any way I developed a load for my Savage 12LRP of 42.9gn H4350, Hornady brass and CCI primers. I got just over 2,900fps out of the 26inch barrel. There is one target shot at 100m and another shot at 500m. I think most would agree the results are positive in favour of the 130gn RDF. That fly on the 500m target is one inch overall.
Reloading / 130gn RDF
I've been experimenting with the 130gn Nosler RDF. I've been pretty keen on working with this bullet since it first showed up. I figured that it's extra length and relatively high BC could be a winner. I settled on a load of 42.9gn H4350/ ADI2209 and shot it out to 500metres with a best group of 3.5inches. The conditions weren't ideal with some mild winds but very difficult mirage. OAL is 2.870inch which means a jump of 70 thou. The rifle is a Savage 12 LRP with Vortex Golden Eagle.
Reloading / Nosler RDF
I shoot my Creedmoor at 500m and have been using 140gn VLD's. However supply is becoming a problem down here in Australia so I was considering a shift to the Nosler bullets that appear to amazing ballistic co-efficients. My decision also involves whether to go for the 130gn bullet (still an impressive BC) or stick with the 140. They apparently have to be seated for a reasonably jump. Anone who has experience with the RDF is welcome to put in their 10cents worth.
Reloading / Nosler Custom Comp and RDF
I have some 6.5 140gn RDF's on order because I'm getting a little peeved at the unreliable supply of Bergers here in Australia. I here some great things about the RDF bullets but then someone tells me there's nothing wrong with the Custom Comp in 6.5, which are cheaper. I shoot 500m benchrest, so the bullets need to be good in the breeze. The High BC of the RDF is attractive for that reason. Any feedback is welcome. I'm shooting a Savage 12 LRP with a Vortex Golden Eagle.
Reloading / Match bullets
For some time now I've been an enthusiastic shooter of Berger bullets, but here is Australia they are not just expensive but very erratic in terms of supply. By comparison, it's a lot easier to get Hornady ELD M, Sierra Matchkings, and now the newer Nosler product, supposedly better than the old Nosler Custom Competition. These bullets are cheaper than Bergers but more importantly they offer a more reliable supply. Not everyone can afford to go and buy 1,000 bullets, even if the local supplier has that many in stock. So it comes back to using what you CAN get and making the most of it. At this point I'm leaning very close the Hornady product but I'd be happy to hear other opinions. 
Reloading / Neck sizing the Creed
I've been using a Lee collet die to neck size my brass, but thinking a bushing bump die may be better for consistency. I don't neck turn so I'm a bit undecided on it. As far as accuracy goes, no problem, I just though bumping the shoulder back might be an idea. I could probably just use a FL size die to bump the shoulder, but I thought a neck die with the right size bushing might do it a bit better. I shoot 500m bench rest, so I need all the accuracy I can get.
PS been off the site for a while nice to be back.
Reloading / FC Brass
HI guys,
I've been absent from the forum for a while, some crazy stuff happening in the family, cancer related so I lost the motivation a bit. Anyway I was given some CM brass the other day, not enough to create a new load with but it's stamped FC. A bit of research turned out that it was Federal match brass. I full length sized it and weighed it out. It averaged out at about 174grains! All the other stuff I have; Hornady, Nosler and Norma all weigh out at about 154 rough average. The brass looks great but heavy! Anyone used this stuff?
Apparently it was factory loads and the shooter didn't want to handload. The primers were pretty damn flat!
Competition / Creedmoor at 1,000
At the urging of fellow Creedmoor shooter and long range fan Turbo, I went and attended my first 1,000yard shoot last Sunday. I would been happy to get some rounds on the paper, but finished up with a half decent showing with my last target scoring 46 for 5 shots. The rifle is a bog standard Savage 12 LRP, the scope is a Nightforce Precision Benchrest. I used Nosler brass, 42.5grains of 4350/2209 and standard CCI LR primer. Bullets are Berger 140 VLD.
Thanks for the encouragement Darryl.
Wildcats / 6BR Norma
As much as I love shooting my Creedmoor and at reasonably long ranges. I felt the need for a medium range cartridge and after some thinking decided on a 6BR. I didn't want or need it to be accurate past 300m so I opted for a 10 twist barrel. I had a Howa action handy so the 26 inch Allan swan barrel was chambered and threaded on to the action, then a thumbhole stock from a local stock maker was bought, finished and bedded. The scope is a 6-24x50 Vortex Viper.
So far the rifle loves 90gn Berger VLD Target bullets, and I've departed from the Varget idea to using 8208XBR.  A load of 29.1gn seems to work really well, I find it gives a denser load and that should burn more uniformly. Brass is Lapua and primers are CCI SR BR.
So far the best 5 shot group at 100m is .18, not bad for something that cost a fair bit less than many of the other dedicated target outfits you see today. I'm still loyal to the Creed though.
Bolt Action Rifles / First Comp day out with the LRP
Over here we have an event known as a "Fly Shoot". It involves a target that's mainly at 500m, but they do have 300 and 1000m shoots as well. Anyway I took the LRP up to the range to give it a run and was fairly pleased with the result. I didn't place in the top 5 but I had a bit of fun and that's what it's all about. Here's my best target. I gave the fly a manicure. The size of the fly is 7/8"
Reloading / Berger 13gn bullets
I'm seriously thing of going to 130gn Berger BT target bullets instead of the 140. I know the 140's have a better BC but if I can shoot the 130gn bullet at a higher MV, my calculations (Berger's actually) tell me the 130 gets to the 500m faster than the 140. The 130 doesn't intrude into the powder room as much as the 140 either. Any experience available would appreciated.
Reloading / Mixed brew
I've just taken a break from loading here to ask this question; has there been a change in the nose cone on the ELD Match 140gn? I have a box just opened and some have the dark "clear" red tip while some have the old red tip of the Amax. The box was properly sealed before I got it. I'll try to get a pic of it.
Reloading / Playing at 300
I find shooting this cartridge at 100m a bit frustrating. It's a bit like having a four cylinder engine in a Mustang. My rifle is now zeroed to 300m. So I had some loads that looked promising and shot them. This one is 4 shots just under an inch at 300m with my Savage 12 LRP. There are only 150 rounds down the barrel so far. The load is 41.7gn 4350/ADI 2209, Hornady brass CCI LR primers and Hornady 140gn ELD Match bullets. The other one is a 3 shot group at the same distance with 42gn powder.