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Reloading / ADG 65 CM Brass
Hi All
Been a while since I've posted on here.
Hope everyone is doing well.
I screwed a new 65 barrel on yesterday. I haven't shot 65 for 3 years now and I'm basically starting from scratch as I sold quite a lot of components.
I've bought some new large primer Atlas Development Group (ADG) brass to run in this new pipe. Just wondering if anyone has used it as it is US made. I've read some pretty good feedback on its consistency and its priced very well here too in Australia.
Any feedback appreciated
Reloading / projectile weights
A question on projectile weights.
I've just weight  sorted 500  140gr bullets. I'm not naming brands.
It's not something I normally do but Ive had velocity variances recently so I just wanted to gauge the pills.
I weighed them on a Gempro scale which are of reasonable quality.
Out of 500 only 25 actually weighed exactly 140grains. I was bit under whelmed by this.
They ranged between 139.76 & 140.26 So a total SD of .5 grains
Only 8 on the lowest weight  & 10 on the highest though.
For those that do weight sort ,does that seem an acceptable variance in that amount of projectiles?
.5 grains I would think acceptable for PRS style shooting I do.
I intend to load some of the lowest & highest weights & test them over the Labradar & see if the speed variations correspond with weight differences.
Im not thinking so more like Ive come to the edge of a node as the barrel picked up some speed.
Any feed back would be appreciated
Competition / First Competition shoot
Had my first ever shooting comp today myself.
A Precision Service Rifle match
Nervous as hell.
There was around 40 shooters not sure on exact number.
Was teamed up with the only other guy shooting a 65 Creedmoor so we hit it off.
I started shaky missed the 300m mover
I zeroed 2 stages  :(
Did terribly in the prone unsupported stage shooting a 17lb gun in a position id only practiced the night before. A hard position with a light rifle.
I finished well scoring 115 out of a possible 125 in the last 3 500m stages.
500m moving target
10 shots at 8 second intervals in 2 shot burst. Target changes position between intervals
10 shots rapid fire in 30 seconds
Scored 185 out of a possible 350 all up
Winner scored 331
2nd scored 300
My shooting partner scored a 262
Don't know where I placed yet as they only announced the first five. Rest will be announced in a few days.
My gun ,ammo & dope worked flawlessly all day which gives me confidence that Im on the right track there.
You see a few rifles fail when fast cycling is expected.There were a few feeding issues there.
Ive gotta a lot of work to do on the unsupported shooting though.
Was a great learning curve. This comp got me out of my comfort zone.
There are some more of these matches this year. Hoping to try a few more.
Glad I broke the ice before a PRS match. Really pumped for the next PRS in June. Only 40 spots though & first match entrants get a day earlier to register. So heres hoping.

Ive baulked at shooting comps for a long time. If you have too I urge you to give it a go I'm glad I did.
Thanks for the encouragement too from some of you guys. Especially Dan. Always good advice.

Reloading / Looking for a Quickload prediction
Hoping someone can run a Quickload prediction for me for a new rifle we have put together for a friend.
Cartridge is 22-250
Brass : Lapua
Projectile: Berger 64gr FB Varmint
Powder : H4895
Barrel : Lilja 3 groove 12" twist @ 26"

Thanks in advance
Optics, Sights, Mounts, Etc. / 3-15 or wait for a 5-25
Throwing it out there for some feedback.
I can get a Gen2 PST in 3-15  now or wait for an unknown time  for a 5-25
Its going on a 223 Rem that will shoot steel out to 600 & might even get a session or 2 in the ute at night.
I'm thinking the 3-15 will do fine.
Thoughts ....
General Discussion / Whidden die ? No quality control there ??
Thought I would post up an issue I have found  with a Whidden die I purchased recently.
I purchased it from a member on here & no issues were mentioned. This problem is unmissable so I'm not real impressed to say the least.
When the die turned up it looked brand new & came with 3 Redding TiNi bushes also.
I sized 50 cases with it about a month ago.
The die responded to adjustment beautifully & my cases  headspaced perfectly.
I put these in a tray for later use.
Last night I primed & filled them & began to seat projys.
1st one Whoa..... way too tight. I seated another same again
Did a quick neck OD check on a few cases & got .283 as the measurement. WTF
Thought I had a bushing issue so used my ancient .288 bushing & sized another case .283 again .....
Threw the bush into my old Hornady die & tried another case. Perfect !!
I was starting to think maybe I have to use the expander ( i never do usually)
First I tried another size bushing & again .283.
Before I started using the expander I thought lets have a look at whats going on in the neck area of the die.
I pulled the retainer & bush out & sized another case without them installed.
I left the case up in the die & when I inspected inside with a torch the problem was revealed. The neck of the case doesn't even protrude into the bushing cavity. Hence no sizing change.
This die is useless.
Its basically a full length sizer with a bushing cavity above the neck of the chamber & even then the neck OD of the chamber is way too small at .283
Whidden is supposed to be a precision die maker. This is a pretty major foul up.
My blood pressure has settled now so I'll leave it at that.
To the member who sold it to me. Thanks mate >:(

Reloading / The pursuit of perfection
Putting some  hypertheticals out there.
If you are in the pursuit of every shot being the same or perfect persay.

A thought I have contemplated  is sorting some cases by chrono results.
Once you have established your load for rifle & projectile.
If you have fifty pre-fired & well prepped cases & loaded. Fire them & record the velocity of every case individually.
Do this twice & the cases that shoot closest to the same velocity for BOTH shots would be used for your competitions etc.
If you couldn't get your SD way down I'd be surprised.
At the end of the day we can weigh , measure etc. etc. but the variables are many
What matters is the result at the end of the barrel. If you are achieving your desired MV & accuracy it really doesn't matter what the case weighs.
I struggle with the case weight thing as they are not a perfectly machined structure. Even if they weigh the same material is displaced unevenly when manufactured . Very evident when neck turning at times which is why I neck ream. At least I KNOW the neck is the same thickness throughout.
Shooting small groups over & over doesn't really do it for me but I do love the ability to be able to take a shot at game or a target at whatever the range & know I will hit it should I do my part behind the gun.
This is an idea I had by the way but have not carried it out.
Would love to here everyone's thoughts positive or negative.

General Discussion / Who uses what shooting tripods & how do you find it?
The thread title says it all really.
Looking at a tripod to mount a pig saddle on I've just bought.
My son is a photo guru & says go the Manfrotto tripods.
Have been reading a lot & they are definitely popular with the PRS style shooting too with a ball type head.
Is anyone on here using tripods ?
Do you have any recommendations?
I will use it for rifles between 7 & 18lbs
General Discussion / GIVE ME SOME FEEDBACK
G'day to all
I have had a few requests asking about hats & patches. The merc site doesn't offer these at present so I am going to source some hats & have the Creedmoor logo either embroidered on them or have patches made & have them put onto the hats.
Just wanted some feedback on colours for the hats mainly.
I was thinking black & a camo but I'm sure others have preferences too.
The patches will be 3 inches in diameter i'd say as this seems to be the standard.
Feel free to post your likes in regards to colours & or if your interested in a hat or hats.
I will be outlaying from my own slush fund to get these done so a rough idea on demand would be great.
Will take some time to organise.
I am working on a moral patch with "the dime " on it too.

Shaun (Aussie)