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Hunting / Re: LA Firearms Deer Season Ends Today
A couple years ago, Alabama extended deer season from Jan 31 to Feb 15 (bucks only).  I've always been burned out around Jan 1st.  This week, we had our first recorded cases of CWD in the two northern western counties.  AL had a plan in place years since it has been found in TN & MS.  All restrictions lifted in those 2 counties--no bag limit, no limit to number taken in a day, no antler restriction--all heads turned into game wardens for testing.  The adjoining counties are in a buffer zone requiring all heads to be turned over for testing.

Hope you avoid the Rona.  My oldest son was very sick last week, but tested negative twice for Rona, flu and strep.  Ran fever over 101 for 3 days.  The doc called it a rhino virus....he is back to normal now.

Electronics / Software / Gadgets / Re: LabRadar IOS App
My Labradar went Batsh1t Crazy last year.  Converted over to a Magnetospeed.  Been meaning to send it back to see if fixible, but haven't made time.  I punted the original app after about 3 uses--couldn't get it to function properly.  Just easier to use the panel buttons.
General Discussion / Re: Teslong rigid bore scope
I have been using that same Teslong model for over a year.  Very clear and charge lasts a long time.  Don't drop the wand as the mirrors are fragile and easily damaged.....glad I got a couple of spares with the purchase.
Reloading / Re: Autotrickler V4
I don't think it's electrical interference, rather influence in the magnetic field around the scale.  My A&D is influenced by the amount of "mass" I put over the scale.  If I add 1 pound of powder the the hopper, I have to re-zero.  If I place my 6" bubble level on top of the lexan top plate, the scale drifts (it has two magnets on it).  The 419 bottom plate may contain some material that effects the magnetic field or is heavy enough to effect the field.
Reloading / Re: Autotrickler V4
I had a few Area 419 parts with mine as well. The one thing I made crystal clear in my ad is the A&D scale was NOT included, lol.

Curious if you had, and kept the Area 419 milled cup and scale platform? I decided to go with the new shot glass cup that came with the V4, never really warmed up to the milled one.
I never really liked the 419 bottom plate (it's in a box somewhere), but continue to use their milled cup.  I use the bottom plate that came with the scale.  I tried Adam's shot glass during beta testing of V4, but went back to the 419 cup pretty quick. 
Reloading / Re: Autotrickler V4
I would say yes, it's worth it.

It's faster than my V3 and, so far, it overthrows less with H4350.

Unloading powder is about on par with V3, maybe a bit easier once you get the hang of it.

I sold my V3 for $250, the V4 was $500 shipped so the net cost of the upgrade was $250. Judging by the overwhelming responses I got on the V3, pretty sure I could've got more for it.
Definitely worth the upgrade.  V4 rarely overthrows compared to the V3--I primarily use H4895, N140 and N150.

I'm going to sell my V3, so thanks for the info on selling it.  I had several Area419 upgrades with it, so I'll ask a little for than 250.
Gunsmithing / Re: Black Walnut BR Stock
Beautiful stock and finish.  If the oak sawdust fill doesn't work, you could fill the voids in the JB with bondo and paint the JB area flat black.  A clear coat over the black would shine like the trigger guard.
General Discussion / Re: What kind of flags?

Ya but you don’t have your ass and rifle planted on concrete and you don’t have the major advantage of sighters to test the wind conditions before going to record rounds. And you are physically challenged with movement and obstacles! Even though I’m addicted to BR, I still shoot a lot of steel out to 1400. I have mucho respect for you guys in PRS. It’s a tough game.

It's tough packing a 26# rifle and a 20# backpack for a out-of-shape man in his upper 50's playing in a young man's game.  But it is extremely fun.  I really wish the sport would've been around 30 years ago!  I've shot so much off a bipod for the last 3 years that I don't feel comfortable on a benchrest--I'd get embarrassed in a BR match. 
General Discussion / Re: What kind of flags?
You're dead on with that.  I'll add to that--in PRS matches I shoot in Alabama and Tennessee, we'll see varying physical conditions that affect the wind direction.  We may shoot target arrays between 800-1200 yards on a single stage.  For example treeline effects at 800, open clear cut with a low draw at 1000 and a hill at 1200. These can create R-L wind, L-R wind and possible headwind or tailwind.  We don't have the luxury of flags, but have mirage, tree and grass movement at each target--and impact splash.  But like you said, the wind at 200-400 could possibly be the controlling push on the projectile.  Worst for me is I can be on glass right before I step up to the line (got my calls in my head or on my card) and the wind completely shifts by the time the RO calls "engage."  I try to pick something I can see with my eyes at 200-300 yds down range (or the wind on my face) for my indicator if my plan is ok or an complete bust on "engage."

At least all I have to do is hit the steel plate--the edge of the plate is the same score as the center of the plate....
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: 6 mm dasher
My 26" Dasher has nodes in the 2880's, 2940's and 2980's with both Sierra 107 and Berger 105 hybrid (CCI450's and Fed205M's).  In the Alabama heat, the 2980's will show some pressure signs (stiff bolt) in 10 shot PRS competition stages.  I use N140 powder.  I stay in the 2940 node. 

I recently got a new 24" barrel and I'm dancing with a node at 2910 with Sierra 107's.  I've spoken to several people at matches that have recently backed down to the 2880 node.