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Hunting / Re: Big Bull Elk ??
Yeah the 6.5 creedmoor can do the job just fine on elk especially if 200 yards is your max. 140 nosler accubonds first shot he was dead on his feet and i hammered him one more time just to make sure. Perfect mushroom!!

If you have a bad shoulder then i would take the rifle you can shoot the best- Your tag not his.
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Alamo Precision 6.5 PRC On the Way
I know you have waited for that longer that anyone should have but you will be happy with the rifle they built you.. I'm sure it wont take you to long to figure out a good enough load to use it for hunting this year- And remember there are a lot of good folks on here than can help get you somewhere FPS wise that most prc's enjoy. Like the old 6.5 creedmoor 2730 FPS seems to be a fairly consistent accuracy node in quite a few rifle..

Cant wait to see a photo of that beauty and some 1-hole groups from you in the near future!!
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Alamo Precision Rifles
Sportacus: i know they are all glass bedded but dont know if there pillar bedded or what means they do their bedding.. I do know you can expect things like this from them.
1) Best Group is a 3 shot group out of my wifes .28 nosler
2) Lisa's 28 nosler group is * high shot is the sighter* the cluster is a 5 shot group.

When you can cover every shot with a dime- I"m happy!! If you take your time with load development like I know you do- you'll have a rifle that flat out shoots. Everyone one of them I bought shoot's better than I can for sure!!
Bolt Action Rifles / Re: Alamo Precision Rifles
Sportacus: I have 3 rifles built from them and they shoot extremely well.. And for the money you wont find a custom rifle built any better!

If you folks haven't checked out "Alamo Precision Rifles" you should..  I have no affiliation with them but can only speak to the quality of product.
Reloading / Re: 10 shot ladder test Scott Saterlee
I know this might not be in the same context as the saterlee test but.. Seems like rifles with a 24 inch barrel and mv of 2730-2770 fps seems to put out some pretty good groups in most rifles- Maybe not all but quite a few that i've seen on this website including 2 of my own.. and quite a few folks that don't like or don't have the means to reload get good results out of hornady 143 eld-x factory ammo which states 2700 fps ??

So not to take this thread in a different direction but what I'm wondering is this: Harmonics in a 24 inch barrel are they pretty close in being the same in quite a few instance when it comes to mv and where good nodes are?  So please let us know what your thoughts are on this subject -as i want to learn from those of you that spend sleepless nights/day doing hours of load development and shooting.
Bolt Action Rifles / Remington Sale
Midway has Remington SPS 700 on sale for 449.00 and then a 50.00 rebate on top of it. $399.00 for a .260 aint to bad..

I know what your gonna say: Who wants a remington? Well just like any gun you get a lemon ever once and a while but you can also get a good one and make it shoot. Trigger, Stock, Load development, etc. If you take the time it will shoot..

Ok, you can pass along to those who feel like they might want a quick easy Christmas gift for a kid to hunt with.. Heck to anyone for that matter...
Hunting / Re: We saw Kyra last in Turkey season!
This is the best part of hunting- watching and being with the kids growing up and spending time in the outdoors!! I"m so proud of you for being part of your grand kids life..

Congratulations to KYRA!!!  :D
Hunting / Re: First hunt this fall
HufD63: Big Congratulations on enjoying the great outdoors and that great antelope you harvested.. I"m glad to see folks out enjoying LIFE...……….